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  1. Doom 2016 - is it really good or another "Call 'O Doody" FPS? 

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    2. Jayextee


      As someone who Doom 3 bored profusely (and I can't stand CoD and its ilk either), DOOM 2016 was just the tonic I needed. If you want some Quake-esque movement mechanics (and, unfortunately, some Serious Sam arena encounters -- mitigated in part by the verticality of the areas themselves though) in your DOOM then sure.


      Also dat soundtrack. :B

    3. DoomKnight1984


      The Cyberdemon fight in Doom 2016 was more exciting than the one in Doom 3. I'll probably borrow my cousin's PS4 to play Doom 2016 instead.


      And regarding Serious Sam-like arenas, that and Painkiller were the 2 FPS games I've played back in college anyway so I don't mind it.  

    4. Gerardo194


      Doom3 was a pretty good game to me, it's slow when you read those PDAs but when you ignore them you feel it fast, I feel it fast in that way. The only problem was there weren't lots of monsters like the classic ones. I agree with Doomknight1984 about the Cyberdemon fight comparison. Doom 2016 is just what my veins needed.

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