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  1. This reminds me of GTA Vice City. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyaXe8XgqcQ 

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    2. DoomKnight1984


      Yeah, many people seemed to have contempt for disco and I can understand why - the "effeminate" singing that rock fans disliked. I don't mind disco music, though. I was a little lad when I went inside a disco pub...nothing fancy, just people dancing and drinking. The "modern" disco scenery would be the "rave" bars.  

    3. ShoDemo


      Man, the rave bars everywhere. Every rave bar I have been to with my friends pretty much sucked. Random songs playing at any given time, because the DJ probably couldn't sort them and it was always very loud. When we exited the building, we had a headache and we shouted so we can hear each other.

    4. DoomKnight1984


      Yeah, I stopped going to those places...I can't hear much whenever I stay too long in there.