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  1. My affinity for shotguns can be traced back to Contra and Doom, even though I don't own one.

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    2. ShoDemo


      But we can always use a nuke and wipe out the shit out of the demons. However, that is not easily accessible. So I guess stick with rifles to do the job partially.

      Also, why no love for megaarmor or blur spheres. Imagine a <<Spectral Elite Force>> taking care of the Spider Mastermind (or Icon of Sin) and closing the portal to Hell, while the rest of the demons are being dealt with by the regular army. Only thing is that they need to have some kind of visors so they don't kill each other, while shooting blindly and they have to keep taking blur spheres in order to stay invisible (hope the spheres aren't addictive).

      Finally, you can have invulnerability. That is nooby, but if it is demons or zombies we are talking about, then it would provide the extra needed help.

    3. Tracer


      Or just use the "notarget" command.

    4. ShoDemo


      Ok, that is also viable I guess.