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  1. Sometimes, you need to feel a bit invincible while playing...like playing Unloved and setting the damage modifier to 2x and enable regenerating health and ammo for 10 seconds.

    1. ShoDemo


      It's a game, so playing it God there doesn't hurt anyone (aside from the demons, who will beg for their lives). id already applied the invulnerability powerup to give us a small taste of invincibility, but adding some more doesn't hurt somebody.  :)

      Don't get me wrong, using cheats permanently, would lower the challenge of the game a lot, but having these powers for a limited amount of time can be a helping hand, I guess, or can make the mood lighter, especially in a mod like Unloved. Honestly I haven't encountered this use of modifiers again in Doom (I find it interesting) and I think it would work well like a Deus Ex Machina.


      The only similar thing I have seen happening, is myself using the cheats on San Andreas, for fun. It was nice flying over Los Santos with the jetpack, while it is normally unlocked two cities away, but still I didn't use the code for a limited amount of time, which sucks. Instead I did the whole game like this (I am ashamed of doing that, yet it was so fun).  :(

    2. DoomKnight1984


      I remember using Gameshark to play San Andreas for the infinite health and ammo cheat. 


      Normally, I'd cheat if I managed to finish a game without cheating the first time. Although there are some games that might force you to cheat if you've failed too many times.