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  1. It's sad when other people look at a different meaning to what you've just said instead of taking it at face value. The levels of human interaction have gone worse than before. I won't be surprised if World War 3 breaks all of a sudden all because someone slipped on the floor at McDonalds.

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    2. DoomKnight1984


      @bzzrak - Someone who clings on other people for the sake of attaining personal wealth.

    3. Decay


      How I envision DoomKnight1984



    4. NecroticBlossoms


      The problem is that sarcasm doesn't turn up really well in text, UNLESS you make it incredibly damn obvious that you're being sarcastic in a post.


      Besides, if you ACTUALLY don't take that "gold-digging japanese women" stereotype seriously, you need to check your posts very well BEFORE submitting them. Otherwise, I highly doubt any japanese woman would like to date a foreign guy with a shitty attitude and/or barely knows how to properly phrase things.