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  1. charris

    ZDL possible bug and dumb suggestions.

    Yep, is the most recent version. Please follow the steps I gave to Eris to help me track down the issue.
  2. charris

    ZDL possible bug and dumb suggestions.

    That was supposed to be fixed: https://github.com/qbasicer/qzdl/issues/20 If it doesn't work it should be considered a regression. Please take the steps I've provided for Eris. I've created a bug for it: https://bugs.vectec.net/show_bug.cgi?id=23
  3. charris

    ZDL possible bug and dumb suggestions.

    Q here, Unfortunately I did a half migration of the ZDL website to another host. I put the database in read-only mode and the wiki eventually just didn't work. It's all fixed up now though. Yes I'm trying to gather some recommendations for a release, but I currently have no ETA on a release date. Bug list: Limit total ZDL processes to 1 https://bugs.vectec.net/show_bug.cgi?id=20 Give -playdemo it's own configuration section https://bugs.vectec.net/show_bug.cgi?id=21 ZDL Might be Automatically Closing When it Shouldn' https://bugs.vectec.net/show_bug.cgi?id=22 Eris, for the last one, I need a log to understand what's going on during launch. Please follow the instructions here: http://zdl.vectec.net/wiki/Support Ideally, the best thing would be to create an account on the bugzilla, but you really don't have to. You can pastebin the output and PM me a link somewhere and I can use that.
  4. charris

    Super Sonic Screenies - part 11

    The idea's a good one, but it's too much like Doom (let me explain). Sonic games were always bright and full of colour, unlike Doom. The standard Doom pallette is too...too blah and brown...
  5. charris

    A Speed Challenge!

    Back in the day, I remember Cyber-Menace making this level...And I feel it is my duty as a personal friend to point out even he has some problems with UV. Moving on, I have tried this level, and much to say I never quite had the patience for it, I myself died a few times, but never made it a personal goal to beat it. Hopefully that day will come... But from then till now, it will continue to stump players. And cause players some major stress....If you can't handle it, go play Map02-04 (of DTCA), all with pistol starts, and once you can do that, you are truly ready.
  6. charris


    I think you can get it from the archives because it was on the top 100 wads list in the 10 years anniversary. You could always go to http://doomworld.com/10years to access those pages. Also, if you just add all of the PWADs into a source port it should work. Source Ports were nonexistent back in the day and I think it should work on any of them. I remember using the PWAD and DEH files from HACX to have it run on Zdoom. It isn't too hard so you should get it working.
  7. charris

    Doom III Won't be on DVD

    ...No...it wouldn't. Floppies have the worst price per megabyte. So, 900 floppies, and a floppies are about $0.50. That's $450. Even if they sold floppies for a quarter, that's still $225. DVDs all the way! BTW: Is doom3 32 or 64 bit?
  8. charris

    Dynamic Texture Changing

    Using ACS, how to you change a texture in game? I've looked though the guide on the ZDoom site but i don't see it...but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
  9. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    Well it's awesome a ZDoom for linux. But the amiga is just a waste of time isn't it? I hav't heard of anyone running an amiga at home/for games. Go ix86!
  10. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    Some distos are really nasty. There are 3 recommended, and they go my experiance: Newbie: Mandrake Intermediate: Debian Advanced: Slackware Slackware has almost no automated menus or wizards, while MDK does most of it almost by it self. Some people use SuSE, which i guess isn't that bad. I'vge used MDK and Slackware. I do, however admit it's a pain to get up and running (but once it IS running it's a dream). I have never had an installer issue. Slack installed in 15 minutes (full install). One full CD. For those that want to test it out, try Slackware-Live, a distro that boots from CD ROM and does no R-W to the filesystem. http://slackware-live.com
  11. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    What? <profound observation> Nails can't die. They are non living. </profound observation>
  12. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    I used to use mandrake. Too slow for me. Slackware is my distro.
  13. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    I myself, use Linux. It's awesome. Much more stable and reliable then windows.
  14. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    I'll take a little gander. Maybe that might work.
  15. charris

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    Hmmmm... Zdoom people say that they stopped Linux support, and that they don't any longer support it. They give out the source code if you feel so eager to make your own. Sometimes people can be so...soooo...windows dependent, it makes me sick.