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  1. Unholypimp1n

    If Doom 2 was released as a PWAD

    It would be one of the most iconic PWADS ever created. Not only would people always be using the new monsters it made for their custom wads but the ssg as well. Doom2 felt more like a game than doom1 imo, Doom2 had varied challenges and monster placements that inspired a whole generation of mappers. There was just soo much that doom2 had to offer that changed the doom community forever. Doom1 felt more like a story where as doom2 was more mindless fun than anything else. I always had more fun playing doom2 maps with my friends then doom1 maps. So ya even if doom2 wasnt officially made I still think it would of made a great impact on the community anyways. This is all of course my opinion.
  2. Unholypimp1n

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    I think the problem is that there are alot of really shitty slaughter maps out there that cover up bad detail with hordes of monsters. Also there are alot of slaughter maps that really have no rime or reason to the monster placement at all. There is a huge difference between a good slaughter map and a bad one and I think there are just too many poor examples of slaughter maps out there atm. I personally like slaughter maps because their more fun in multiplayer than most single player wads.
  3. cuz that works in real life all the time!
  4. I can think of almost every single super hero movie where the evil villain has a fool proof plan to dominate or destroy all life yet they lose for stupid reasons anyways that are even more unrealistic then that fact that its a superhero movie to begin with. Or whenever the hero or heroes gains a powerful ability to defeat the overpowered villain only to lose that power right after or never use it again for some reason. When the villain wins temporarily and stands there boasting for just enough time to get killed.....yet the heroes waste no time at all with dialog and just kill the villain in a heartbeat. Dont get me wrong I love superhero movies but they are soo predictable...good will win no matter how good the villain is.
  5. Unholypimp1n

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    Just an Update on my map.
  6. Unholypimp1n

    My second shitty doom wad

    So why didnt you just turn this into a megawad if you were gonna have a single map that lasts less than 1 minute? Might as well make a whole bunch of maps that last a few minutes.
  7. Unholypimp1n

    Regenerating monsters?

    I always wanted to make a monster that eats corpses to get stronger.
  8. Unholypimp1n

    Exit Sign Abuse?

    What I think is more abusive is not having an exit sign for a switch that doesnt look like its an exit only for it to actually be one. I love to backtrack after finishing a map to look for secrets that iv missed, however when I accidentally exit the map without knowing it makes me mad cuz then I can't go back and get what iv missed.
  9. Unholypimp1n

    John Romero reveals the true origin of Doomguy's identity

    So basically he took his shirt off and was like "Step Back bitches and let me show you how a real pro strikes a pose".
  10. Unholypimp1n

    Battle for Net Neutrality

    It's all just another money grab that the rich will try to impose upon us. I feel like if they take away internet neutrality then things will become even worse for all of us.
  11. Unholypimp1n

    If you could rebalance Doom 2, what would you change?

    My list of changes -Plasma rifle shots deal 7 damage instead of 5 and have +5 speed(I always thought the plasma rifle did crappy damage compared to the rocket launcher) -Arachnotrons shoot slightly faster and have a tiny bit of spread to their shots and their shots move 30% faster -Arachnotrons have their chargeup time before firing cut in half(I always thought they stand there for too long before they begin to attack you) -All monster projectiles have +5 movement speed in addition to any buffs other monster projectiles have(who plays with a keyboard anymore? Projectiles are too slow for mouse users imo) -Bfg has its own ammo type now and has a limit to 20 ammo 40 with the backpack. The bfg would use 1 ammo per shot and its ammo would be more rare than cells Probably 1-2 ammo per level. -Spider Mastermind has +1000 health and attacks 30% faster and is 40% more accurate at long range, in addition the Spider Mastermind has 10 less pain chance. (I always thought the spider mastermind was weak compared to the cyberdemon and is harder to place in levels. As such the mastermind should be stronger and have more accurate shots to make him more difficult to deal with at long range and short range. People shouldnt be going toe to toe with the spidermastermind without a fear in the world. -cyberdemon's missile have a slight home to them so they are a little more deadly at long range.( their home should be half as effective as revenants but still be able to redirect towards you at longer ranges but not very effective at short range. We all circle strafe cyberdemons for days now, having a homing missile will make him more effective against players in a open area. -Chaingun has +1 pellet per shot and does +2 damage and its shooting sound should match the chaingunguy's.(I always thought the chaingun was super weak compared to all later guns and sounded weak too. True the doom1 chaingun should stay the same but the doom2 chaingun needs to be buffed because you really only use it when your either out of ammo, trying to save ammo on better guns or need to snipe something. -Pistol fires twice as fast(starting with the pistol shouldnt be a punishment until you find the shotgun or chainsaw, increasing its attack speed will make it more useful till you find the chaingun.) -Baron of hell will now fire 2 smaller shots next to its main shot with a slight angle to them(the difference between the baron and a hellknight is their health and look, REALLY??????????? What kind of bs is that? The baron of hell always felt like a weak boss in doom1 and when they released the hellknight he just felt like a waste of bullets.)
  12. Unholypimp1n

    Post a picture of yourself!

    had to crop some people out but this was me at my birthday.
  13. Unholypimp1n

    What could force you to give up Dooming forever?

    It would take the community dying for me to quit. Dying wouldn't stop me from dooming because I would just come back as a revenant and skull punch someone and take their computer and doom on it. Only the doomguy could stop me then but most likely hed just doom with me too, our day would consist of fist bumps and lots and lots of pizza bites.
  14. Unholypimp1n

    Leftist Doomers?

    TBH I'm neither left or right, I think both sides have their strengths and weaknesses.
  15. Unholypimp1n

    Chaingun vs plasma?

    Honestly I only use the chaingun for sniping and saving other ammo types. The chaingun itself is pretty weak compared to the plasma rifle and attacks slower too. The chaingun is really only good vs low tiered enemies where as the plasma rifle is all around a good weapon. On a side note I always increase the chaingun and plasma rifle damage in my wads because both guns are honestly weak compared to other weapons. The chaingun does very little damage and isnt good vs anything with more health than a pinky unless there is only 1 monster. The plasmagun on the other hand is pretty weak compared to the rocket launcher and bfg9000. The power increase from the chaingun to the rocket launcher is pretty extreme, where as the power increase from rockets to plasma is a decent sized nerf. Now if the plasmarifle used different ammo from the bfg then the plasmarifle would still be a better gun compared to the chaingun.
  16. Unholypimp1n

    SlaughterMAX. Now on /idgames!

    Sorry I havnt been working on my map too much as of late, real life things keep poppin up. I should be able to work on it more after today though.
  17. Unholypimp1n

    An extra weapon for Classic Doom?

    Maybe it could be like a double rocket launcher or something like that but has a longer cooldown between shots and does more damage overall? All the doom weapons that have 2 weapons per ammo slot use the ammo realistically like the shotguns both use the same shell type and the chaingun and pistol still use the same bullets, the only two weapons that could really have vastly different effects from eachother are the plasma rifle and bfg because they use pure energy instead of physical bullets. So by this logic maybe we could have a machinegun rocket launcher that has multiple barrels that shoot 1 rocket per time and reloads a barrel while another rocket fires, maybe like the duke 3d chaingun that has two barrels? Just my thoughts anyways
  18. Unholypimp1n

    Is the BFG overrated?

    Ya I know what you mean, in dm and even pve the ssg is the most useful gun because it can do a rockets worth of damage at close range and also can take out multiple smaller enemies in 1 shot if you line them up right. I find it sad that the plasmagun is weaker second to second of continuous fire compared to the rocket launcher and the rocket launcher is in slot five and the plasmagun slot 6. In dm the plasmagun can be used for quick killing sprees if you spread plasma everywhere and keep shooting so that people turning a corner or respawning get caught by plasma balls before they have time to react, of course it really only takes one ssg to the face to end that. I still think the bfg isnt overrated because even in dm if someone picks up the bfg and actually uses it they can go from losing to being 10+ kills over the leader in moments, and if someone knows how to use the bfg well they can become untouchable untill they run out of cells or accidently walk over a shitty chaingun or shotgun. The bfg can easily clear out nasty trap rooms before the monsters have a chance to own you. The bfg imo is still my oh shit gun when I run into a situation where even the rocket launcher wont save me.
  19. Unholypimp1n

    Is the BFG overrated?

    If anything I think the plasma rifle becomes useless once you get the bfg because then you will save cells just to use the bfg in a pinch and thus never use the plasma rifle again.
  20. Unholypimp1n

    Make Doom community better and bigger

    I'm all for it, because I still have a few friends that mock and tease me for playing and mapping for classic doom.
  21. Unholypimp1n

    This is just wrong on so many levels

    Don't play now lol
  22. Unholypimp1n

    This is just wrong on so many levels

    I guess i'm just too use to In-N-Out burger and 5 guys where they cook your food fresh in front of you.
  23. Unholypimp1n

    This is just wrong on so many levels

    The Mcdonalds by my house went through an entire remodel, they knocked the place down to its foundation and rebuilt it to look like a wifi hotspot where techies go to do work while drinking coffee(or eating mcdonalds). When I went there to go eat after not eating Mcdonalds for like 10+ years I was surprised how crappy the food still was despite the place looking clean and modernized. After I ordered my food it was ready literally 10 seconds after I placed my order, almost like it was waiting for me before I even entered the store.... Yes I know fast food is suppose to be fast but this was scary fast! I was almost to scared to eat my food because I was thinking omg how long has this shit been waiting there under a heat lamp or something. Pretty much after eating my food it only took about 10+ minutes for my stomach to be like FUCK YOU MAN!, good thing I didnt have to work that day cuz I did horrible things to my toilet back home.
  24. Playing around with fog and other effects for my void wad.


    1. Phade102


      That looks really awesome. I'd suggest playing around with the ceiling levels though, make them a bit jagged, uneven, it gives it a bit more natural look. But it looks AWSEOME so far!

  25. Working on my void wad again, almost done with map08.