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  1. Malum Archon

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Most of those look pretty fake, but this one supposedly is real, and even if it means nothing, I still believe this fucked up shit was the work of Satan, no doubt about it. http://dailynews.philly.com/content/daily_news/2001/09/13/local/DEVI13C.htm
  2. Malum Archon

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    If they are going to destroy terrorist activity around the world they cannot simply lock as many as they can away. Terrorists must be shot and killed. If you put a terrorist behind bars, that is just going to cause more terrorists to do fucked up things demanding you release them, or thinking who cares if I get caught, I'll just be thrown in jail. All known terrorists behind bars now should be executed and those still at large should be hunted down and executed. If your going to plot to destroy governments and innocent civilians through means of chemical and nuclear warfare, or run planes into buildings, this world has no need for you. Its too bad the motherfuckers who ran those planes into the buildings died, I would have rather watched them fry, and pissed on their smoldering corpses. These fuckers got no soul or heart, and anyone like them is going to be rotting in hell soon if this country stands up and does what needs to be done. God bless America and the rest of the free world! Here is an idea, lets push bin laden of the top of a tall building on fire, him and all his supporters, see how he fucking likes falling to his death on fire and having a heart attack on the way down.
  3. Malum Archon

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    China backs up the Taleban? Can anyone confirm this? I heared this on the radio. If war does break out because of the horrible events that happened on Tuesday, it could be a much bigger and more disastorous war than we could possibly imagine. Too bad good old clinton gave china nuclear technology during his term. I havnt really heared any comments from china on this whole thing yet. I'm probably jumping to the worst possible case, but it may be something to look into.
  4. Malum Archon

    Damage and options menus

    How about having a pig demon eat a pipe bomb or some sort of bomb you can control, push the button and watch him blow apart, always wanted to do that in Duke, I think Pipe bombs where the coolest weapon to use, in multiplayer and single. Nothing to do with weapon damage but with weapons being more interactive. Maybe there should be some kind of small bar that shows how much damage your weapon has taken, so you know how soon you should find a replacement. Another thing that might make the game a little more heart pounding is not having health, ammo, and weapons just laying all about wherever, would be funner to pry them out of the zombies hands after they die or your fallen comrades laying about, maybe some Weapon storage places in levels, where guns,armor, and ammo is on shelves, proped up against the wall, etc.
  5. Malum Archon

    Many People will not like this post.......

    You know, even if 1 kid a week went postal, there are ALOT more people who are decent, would never do something so stupid, and are law abiding members of society. All these people deserve to die because of some stupid motherfuckers who couldnt take the emmotional stress of being a teen? The way you act your obviously one yourself, and need to think before you post or say something so stupid. If thats your honest opinion, I feel sorry for you but there isnt much I can say or do, I'm just posting this with hopes you take the time to think a little more about what you just said. P.S. Nuke the U.S. and you can say goodbye to playing Doom 3 ever, many of your favorite games are probably made by Americans, either that or Asians, but there would be no Duke or Doom, and by the way, those games do not cause people to go postal, you have to have something wrong with you in the first place to actually do something like that.
  6. Malum Archon

    Will DOOM 3 beat the old DOOM games?

    Oh, I've just lost all credability. *shame* Time to make a new name for myself in these forums
  7. Malum Archon

    Will DOOM 3 beat the old DOOM games?

    LOL, I didnt mean Doom Porno, I said Doom 3 Engine. And I remember you deadnail saying there arnt enough good porno games out there. I'm not jeremy, not interested in watching Imps Bust a nut
  8. Malum Archon

    Macintosh (Floggin' a dead rhino)

    Macs are for the stupider people who cant figure out how to use a mouse with more then 1 button, for people who know jack shit about repairing, upgrading, or anything else but playing Oregon Trail and typing. Mac is the computer of Old people, all my grandparents own one and say they hate PC's. I'm actually happier because when they did have PC's they always had me coming over to try to explain to them the same thing over and over. Mac is for young kiddies at Schools. Mac is basically comparing the little track bound cars at disneyland to an actual car on the road. Mac does have its uses, but I would never buy one, since I know how to build, workwith, and enjoy the better qualities of a good PC.
  9. Malum Archon

    Will DOOM 3 beat the old DOOM games?

    How about some Doom 3 engine porno games
  10. Malum Archon

    Doom3... Really?

    Stop being such assholes, this guys post wasnt insulting or that stupid, He just doesnt know, and the point of this Doom 3 forum is to find out more about Doom 3. You were all "newbies" at one time also. Unless they come in here saying Doom players suck, dont bitch at them so much.
  11. Malum Archon

    Doom3... Really?

    Eh, I dont really care for Cd quality music when it comes to doom, midi's set the mood just fine but I'm sure midi's in the new doom would sound kind of cheesy. As for gravity differences, the reason for them not being in Doom is because your usually in a compound, and I'm sure UAC didnt want their scientists floating around so they changed the gravity inside the compoud areas. Floating around is to Unreal, I want to swing around corners and blow the shit out of stuff and not have to worry about when they hit me floating back through the air hundreds of feet. I dont really see a point to grappling hook either, thats kind of a Multiplayer thing and since Doom 3 is a single player focused experiance, it might actually take away from the game because you can grapple up to the second story of something, take shortcuts, etc. NO TRANSLOCATORS EITHER. All I want is some realistic weapons mixed in with a few space age weapons and alot of heartpounding action.
  12. Malum Archon


    How about Stone Cold?
  13. Malum Archon

    Doom 3 System Specs

    Thanks for the response, that video card is actually 409 extra of that, I'd rather wait for Nvida's new card, plus, by then for the same price I can get a faster processor and maybe any new processors AMD comes out with. I've heard some so/so things about the Pentium 4's, and that Athlons are still better for gaming.
  14. Malum Archon

    Doom 3 System Specs

    Planning on buying a new system soon, found a pretty good deal online, 1800 for a 1.2 ghz AMD thunderbird, 512 ram, 64 gefore2 ultra, 80 gig hd, 72x cd-rom drive, etc. Anyone know how well a game like Doom 3 will probably run on a system like that and if I should wait for something better closer to time Doom 3 comes out. Anyone know a online site that has a better price?
  15. Malum Archon

    What race of Doom players are you ?

    Swedish/German American.