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  1. Captain red pants

    Unity goes full Unity

    I have multiple hard drives and I move stuff around constantly. Will that count? What If I restore a game from steam backup? I do that a lot. Am I going to bankrupt an Indy dev with my OCD? I don't think I can handle that responsibility
  2. Captain red pants

    AI generated Coca cola flavor!

    Is... is silicone valley about to re-invent new coke?
  3. Captain red pants


    You don't. You just quickly edit it to be less embarrassing.
  4. Captain red pants

    Thoughts on Starfield?

    Ok, I might actually pick this up after I do a proper play-through of Fallout 4. Speaking of: Is their anything like Settlement building? One of the most annoying things about Fallout 4 was that I had to build most of the towns myself (thank goodness for the Sim Settlements and Conqueror mods that gave you pre built settlements you could leave to do their own thing)
  5. Captain red pants

    Best use of potatoes

    Teaching conscripts how to throw grenades
  6. Captain red pants

    Where do i download Duke nukem duke it out in dc

    Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon also includes Duke It Out in DC and Duke Caribbean though you can't play them vanilla as far as I can tell.
  7. Captain red pants

    Does this site have a rules list?????

    Rules are for Squares, it's vibes now
  8. Captain red pants

    Obscure shooters thread

    Is he... taking damage from bumping his head on things hanging in the ceiling? That's an interesting challenge
  9. Captain red pants

    Obscure shooters thread

    I remember this as one of the first games that let the player see their legs when they looked down
  10. Captain red pants

    Rocket launchers or grenade launchers?

    Hard to say. On a base level the rocket launchers' simple and direct "make that thing over there explode" thing is always fun, but there is a lot of satisfaction in pulling off a sick bouncy boi kill
  11. I hope the remaster includes that quick Commando Style "Arming up" animation that was restored in the community patch! I played the demo back in the day and thought it was cool as hell. When I grabbed PSX it wasn't in it, and I assumed it was cut for hardware reasons but when I grabbed it on GOG a few years ago it was nowhere to be seen. Not a fan of being frigging gaslite by Lucasarts I tell you what >=(
  12. Thinking on it a bit more, it might be because Doom and Quake 1's are such a mish-mash of stuff that id software devs thought where cool that you can have almost any kind of theme you can imagine for a map and get away with it: Want a tech base? A hellish landscape? A spooky castle? A city? Ruins of a lost civilization? Something with cliffs and canyons? All quite doable with both games base assets! Throw in some texture packs and you can go even more crazy. Quake 2 decided to focus on a theme and all it's assets reflect that. It's pretty much different flavors of tech base with some rocky canyons and warehouse. Now, I'm not say you can't get creative with those assets as anyone who's played "Call of the Machine" can attest, but if you just want to make something a bit weird with the setting, Doom and Quake 1 will give you a bit more to work with imo.
  13. Isn't the way Quake 2 handles textures a massive pain in the ass? At least that's what I vaguely remember from fiddling with it back in the day with WorldCraft back in the day.
  14. Franky I find the idea that their are people out there who *DON'T* have shamefully large Steam/GOG libraries full of remasters of games they only sort of like *OFFENSIVE*
  15. Boomer Shooter: A First Person Shooters where you make no decisions about inventory management beyond 'what weapon/tool do I use now'. Example being: in Doom, you will never be in a situation where you can only carry weapon X or weapon Y, if you can find it, you can use it (as long as you have the ammo obviously) where as you take something like FEAR where you can carry 4 weapons, you will be choosing one gun over another, probably more then once. It sounds simple, but decisions the player do or do not get to make are pretty core to game design. Now, there are some interesting edge cases. for example: Soldier of Fortune on Easy and Normal difficulty would qualify as a Boomer Shooter, but not on the harder difficulties. Bioshock is an interesting one: It's always felt more like a boomer shooter then an 'immersive sim', mostly because You can carry all the weapons you like, but your Plasmids slots are limited and you're going to be swapping them out at ADAM stations. But can you think of a game that is widely agreed to be a boomer shooter that would be disqualified be this definition? Could this be a useful definition? If not, why not ect?
  16. Captain red pants

    Fires In Hawaii, And Climate Change In General

    Are wildfires rare in Hawaii? Because that's enough horrifying fuck ups to make me think they really have no idea how to handle them.
  17. Captain red pants

    ZORTCH: Indie Quake II/Unreal pastiche

    Zortch it sort of like the kind of game we might have gotten if Tom Hall had gotten to stick around at id for a little while longer. Has that vibe.
  18. Captain red pants

    Fires In Hawaii, And Climate Change In General

    People said this exact thing about the fires that tore through Australia in the first half of 2020 and all I can say to that if their IS evidence that arsonists are more active now then they where previously, it would be in the interests some very powerful groups to make sure we all knew about it and secondly, that would be a pretty convenient justification for giving yet more power and money to law enforcement which to be fair, is a big part of most governments plans to deal with climate change, but it isn't likely to stop the fires. Oh, and if you're like me and you lose your job because 2 years later when your workplace gets flooded in your second "once in a lifetime flooding" (and my dad's third!) in your city there's not really anyone you can arrest for that, but you might get to see what this newly empowered law enforcement can do if you can't make your rent in a housing crisis! (I'm fine btw, thank you mum and dad)
  19. Captain red pants

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    I don't think you're a musk stan, I think you're annoying and smug. I just thought I should correct the record on the 'seething' thing.
  20. Captain red pants

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Smug gonna smug I guess. I'll have to contend with watching Elon Stans bend themselves into non euclidean shapes or turn on him.
  21. I'm sorry the kids called your favorite video games a funny name I'm not sure if you've watched the more competitive CoD scene, but they're basically abusing the game engine so much that it pretty much becomes a movement based arena shooter to the point where a lot of old heads where muttering about why quake champions never takes off if that's what they're doing (which is super funny if you know about the early quake days)
  22. I'm not going to call it a strict definition (as I said, RotT forces the player to choose one explosive weapon rather then carrying all the one they can find) But I do think that simplifying inventory management to near non existence is what separates your classic/retro throwbacks from the post halo era. It's a pretty dramatic difference as they both have very different map and encounter design priorities. as for System Shock, I think it's pretty uncontroversial to call it a dungeon crawl, which was an established genre even at the time albeit with a sci-fi theme. It's been a while since I've read up on in, but thiiink Wolf 3D was en rout to be something similar (or at least, more like the original game that inspired it).
  23. Uh, sorry our ape brains like to notice patterns in things. It's come in handy a few times though, so it probably going to keep happening.
  24. But there is no inventory *management* if you find a halo duke and some steroids, you don't have choose one or the other. There's no weight limit or inventory tetris, it just goes into hammer space for later. It seems to be a common enough that I can't think of an example of a boomer shooter that... oh... wait nevermind It's a meme and a joke and it's also a name that stuck. I'm not so insecure about my favorite game genre that I'm going to stop using a useful identifier just because of that. Anyway, I just remembered Rise of the Triad exists and that pretty torpedoed my theory. lol So yeah, boomer shooter is just a vibe and now my favorite boomer shooter is now MechWarrior 2.