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  1. Captain red pants

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    I am on map 6 of the first Descent and I am being reminded of why I never finished it as a kid
  2. Captain red pants

    Post your Desktop Background

    Hey how do you get your desktop to show the time like that? Can you still do that with Windows 10?
  3. Captain red pants

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    What is a God to an unbeliever!! *searchers doomworlds old atheist threads *dies of cringe 10/10
  4. Captain red pants

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    *throws down weapon* we are all 10/10 screwed if we do not work together!
  5. Captain red pants

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I'll admit, it looks intimidating, but if you look closer it appears just to be a spooky skull with some gold stuff stuck to it in a lit furnace. The jobs already been done for me! 0.5/10 I might burn my hand a bit mocking it through the thick glass or something
  6. Captain red pants

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Even if I fight that fish in water, realistically how fast could he swing that crow bar? Mind you I'm not the best swimmer. 5/10
  7. Captain red pants

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    Uh, Once upon a time I was very good at PSX doom multiplayer, by which I mean: the kind that needed 2 playstations, 2 copies of Doom for PSX and a link cable and you played one one one DM or co-op. I'm sure nowadays I would be torn to peaces by most players on this site in every other versions of doom and probably even most players at PSX doom, but it was fun thing to be the guy who was good at PSX doom in the late 90's among your friends.
  8. Captain red pants

    Favorite "failed" consoles?

    The Nokia N-Gage, for... many reasons... mostly due to the legend that it's layout was modeled on GOTSE by a disgruntled designer and was sent to production without any of the big wigs at Nokia noticing. Is it true? who's to say, but... well... tell me you don't see it:
  9. Captain red pants

    I beat System Shock (Enhanced)!

    No regenerations? Did you just hit the load button every time you died? As for advice for System Shock 2, the ones in this guide are all you need first time through and I'd probably recommend Soldier or Navy Tech guy first time through, Psi guy is for when you have a grasp of the mechanics as you can screw yourself if you're not careful. Don't invest in repair (though do invest a little bit in maintenance), and use your wrench. A lot.
  10. Captain red pants

    Quake II potential remaster to be revealed this quakecon?

    Say what now? *quickly checks Q1R* So it does! I had no idea it had bots!
  11. Captain red pants

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    I think they've since dropped that... at least from the main rebirth mod.
  12. Captain red pants

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    Though it is apparently getting a Enhanced Edition like the first game did, upping the poly cont similar to Quakes Enhanced Edition along with a few other tweaks:
  13. Captain red pants

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    Rimworld. Maybe. I don't know. I'm not sure if I think the game is great or that it's been carefully calibrated to short circuit the part of my brain that resists addiction.
  14. Captain red pants

    Games without Direct3D support but not DOS (and Windows 3.1x)

    Ok what the hell: I remember running the half-life uplink demo in software mode on my old 486 (just to see if I could). it wasn't exactly playable, but it did work. Might be worth looking into. Edit: beaten. I got distracted by how specific the request is :/ I think Unreal and Unreal Tournament '99 have software modes as well
  15. Captain red pants

    ZORTCH: Indie Quake II/Unreal pastiche

    Played through the first 3 maps so far and I'm somehow both getting Daikatana vibes yet I'm having lots of fun :S EDIT: True to it's era, while you can save at any time, there are NO auto saves. Keep a finger over that quick save button gang!
  16. *sigh* you know, stuff like this wouldn't even make the top 100 for 'problems our current system has' but the absurdity of sensible consumer protection insuring media like unreal unable to be brought with money because it may possibility some circumstances cause shareholders to earn $0.000001 less on their next quarterly review... it makes me tired.
  17. I'm not the most hardcore Unreal player but I've run it on a few different computers and OS's over the years and don't remember having much trouble. I think the most I had to do was grab the latest d3d11drv.zip from moddb and select the relevant files. Not to get all "it worked fine on MY machine" or anything, but this is the first I'm hearing of unreal having a reputation for being hard to run on modern machines. I don't think epic was supporting the game directly for years even when it was listed ether.
  18. Edit: Nope I'll just say, that this place, nay this WORLD will be a better place when the word "Woke" stops being used this way, and that's the last I'll say on it in this thread.
  19. Wasn't the one who brought it.
  20. I'm sure you are asking in good faith. Here's a website that covers it in broad strokes.
  21. So are right wing moral panics like the ones getting books pulled from libraries and schools *right now*. You know, the ones inspired by people who love to use the word 'woke' If this is a politics free zone then that means anti-woke culture war shit should go to.
  22. Whoa this is about lost media! I don't know why you're making this political.
  23. Captain red pants

    What is your opinion on ADS / Aim Down Sights?

    Completely incompatible with the pride of Australian WWII armament: The Owen SMG 0/10
  24. Captain red pants

    Are the Nazis in Wolfenstein the same as the Demons in Doom?

    I don't think so. Even on a flat plain with trash mob tear monsters, blasting through Dooms demons feels different then blasting through Wolfensteins nazis.
  25. Oh, once you learn a bit about the original cut of Star Wars it doesn't seem as far fetched.