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  1. Captain red pants

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    I really wish they'd included some kind of in game notepad. As it stands, you're either alt tabbing to notepad, or grabbing an actual pen and paper. I'm pretty sure even the original System Shock let you wright things down (I know Ultima Underworld did)
  2. Captain red pants

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    It's very maze-y and what you're supposed to do next isn't always clear. If you're coming to the System Shock Remake from Bioshock, Prey 2017, or heck, even System Shock 2 you might find it frustrating.
  3. Captain red pants

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Ah yes, the 'are you paying attention' button
  4. Captain red pants

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    It's not 1:1 but it's a lot closer to the original game then you might think. I'm on Level 2 - Research so far the map layout is very close to the original game, though I'm told that later maps change things around a bit and the showdown with SHODAN is different. Hacking is now a lot more like Descent which is rad.
  5. Captain red pants

    Strangest interaction You Have Ever Had In An Online Game?

    If she needed a secret account and it being someone she met on WoW, you could make a few educated guesses as to what kind of relationship she's leaving. (hint: the only people she seems to be able to talk to are in her WoW clan) Good for her honestly
  6. Captain red pants

    So, how old are you ?

    I was 10 when Doom was released.
  7. Captain red pants

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've only finished 'No Rest for the Living' with brutal doom
  8. Hey man, I'm not making any presumptions here, but are you in anyway Nero divergent? It's not that you sound they way or anything from your post, but if you know what kind of brain you have being around people with similar quirks can help out quite a bit. I got the old ADHD myself, and I find that talking to people who have it is a lot easier and actually the opposite of draining at times
  9. Captain red pants

    Time to Cancel John Carmack

    Protecting doomworld from shit threads by shitting them up yourselves? Genius!
  10. Captain red pants

    Time to Cancel John Carmack

    It's what WRT stands for the uncontradicted sentence is: "Oh man wait until you hear what the Republican Party is up to With Regards To trans people"
  11. Captain red pants

    Time to Cancel John Carmack

    With Regards To EDIT: Dammit!
  12. Captain red pants

    Which games are you waiting for ?

    Oh don't get me wrong, I am %100 down to play this game, which is why I per-ordered it 3 years and several delays ago. ;_;
  13. Captain red pants

    Which games are you waiting for ?

  14. Captain red pants

    What game have you most recently beat?

    Dragon Age Origins. Sort of. I still have some DLC to get through including The Awakening, but I think I'm going to put it down for the time being.
  15. I don't know what time of year that was or if it mattered, but doesn't California have a problem with bush fires?
  16. Captain red pants

    I just learned about something stupid

    There's a YouTube channel called History Buffs hosted by Nic Hodges who is both a Historian and a massive fan of Film. He reviews Movies set around historical events such as Waterloo and Casino as a historian, but what makes him intresting to me is that while he definatily values historical accuracy, he genuinily respects the art of film making and will roll with a films changes to historical events if they fit the tone or themes of the movie (though he's still obviously going to point them out). Saying "it makes learing history fun!" might get an eyeroll or two, but his video on Saving Private Ryan puts a certin scene just after the infamous D-Day landing in a fascinating new context. I think the Red Cross should look to History Buffs for inspration if they're looking to raise awareness about the the geneva convention. I'd can imagine watching a war crime scholar with an understanding of game design talking about veriouse combat senerios presented in your Call of Duty's or your Far Cry's or even Stellaris and Rimworld.
  17. Captain red pants

    Most recent movie you saw

    Dungeons and Dragons: Honour among Thieves It's a pretty good action adventure film that I'd put it on par with the original Brendan Frasier Mummy movie. Does a decent job of using D&D-isims such as lore, spells, factions and locations to tell it's story (which shouldn't be a big deal, but lol the last time they tried to make a D&D movie). Less post marvel banter then you might think (but there's still a bit of it), a surprisingly large number of practical costumes for some of the beast races an the like. I had a good time.
  18. Captain red pants

    Personal W thread

    After pretty major health scare I've managed to lose something like 15kg since the beginning of this year. I'm still 7kg short on my goal, but down to the last third.
  19. Captain red pants

    Post your Favorite GIFS

    I loved these guys! They talked so much trash and you cut through them like paper.
  20. I think most people here know about the infamous doom 3d0 port and the story of how it got that way, but given people's tendency to get Doom to run on everything, did anyone ever have another go at a 3d0 port that's actually playable (bonus points if it kept the music)? It sounds like something someone would try...
  21. Captain red pants

    Did anyone ever have a crack at re-doing the doom 3d0 port?

    Those are cool projects but it looks like they're people fiddling with the existing 3d0 doom source code, where as I was hoping for a port where they stared from scratch more or less, from a hypothetical universe where the 3d0 never got a doom port. I'm curious if modern coders could make something closer to OG doom on the 3d0's hardware.
  22. Captain red pants

    ECWolf vanilla levels with floor/ceiling textures?

    Alternatively, if you want to make them their own shortcuts: Wolfenstein 3D "lzwolf.exe --data wl6 -file wolfcu_20.pk3 wolfcu-discipline.pk3" Spear of Destiny "lzwolf.exe --data sod -file wolfcu_20.pk3 wolfcu-discipline.pk3"
  23. What's it replaced with? I find that the most annoying thing about Revenant's is solved by giving the homing fireballs a sound. I know hit and dying by a silent Revenant fireball cluster is a right of passage, but it gets a bit old after a while.
  24. I finished Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077 twice, but a full third of my playtime was taken up by Rimworld lol I wish I could get this thing to track when I fire up a Gzdoom executable. ADACA rad as hell by the way, it's got a demo up to!
  25. Captain red pants

    Leaning keys in FPSes / immsersive sims

    On a QWERTY, I tend to rebind them to Z and C for leaning Left and Right respectively. It's a hold over from the Thief/System Shock 2 days when the player could lean left, right *and forward*, where I bound forward to X. E has to be 'use' see :P