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  1. 15 hours ago, scifista42 said:

    You are probably using an outdated port / version of the port.

    You were right, I successfully implemented the UAC bot, Skulltag I guess is flawed despite its halt on updates, although this just creates a new problem, the assets from skulltag like the extra weapons, textures, and monsters can't be used if I open my wad in GZDoom, I will be given an error when I add skulltag_data.pk4 into resources which is the only way to include them as far as my knowledge goes.

  2. Another question. Why will certain custom enemies not load up when I implement them into Slade3? I added a UAC Bot to my archive and despite taking forever to re-organize due to my laggy computer it will cut off Doom from starting up and will give me the error along the lines of " 'BOUNCETYPE' is an unknown actor property", although most other enemies I added work fine.


    **EDIT** I also have similar issues with weapons like when adding the Gatling Laser I get an error like "GATLASER.wad:DECORATE" line 30:
    Invalid state parameter a_setpitch"

  3. I used Anvil a bit and it seems easy if I can get the hang of the different notes and whatnot, can't read music if it is relevant (which I'm sure it most likely is), I'm downloading Sekaiju at the moment to try this one out and compare the two. I really hope to make these since I can't find the songs I want that already have been made, most of them sound kind of crappy in my opinion and a vast majority of the other songs I want don't exist. Matter in fact I'm planning on making my first wad for release eventually and I hope my experience pays off, sort of stepping into another realm for me.

  4. I have this death metal midi that I made from a converter, although there are no guitars or drums, just pianos. I can vaguely make out each part and I'm thinking if there is any possible way to change the instruments in an editor or something somehow.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Albertoni said:

    This means they don't exist in whatever you're running your map. If you're running it in Skulltag, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    ZDoom's UDMF allows you to set even negative gravity to a sector, couldn't you use that instead?

    So open in UDMF I assume? I like Skulltag because of the monsters that it includes and whatnot, although when I run my map externally (outside doombuilder 2), they don't exist, also when I add monsters through Slade it seems to only work a fraction of the time.