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  1. The only thing I do not currently need is music. Any other talent or skill you possess is useful. Artists, programmers, mappers etc. PM me, we'll put a team together.
  2. Rangar

    Post your obscure/rare WADs

    Got some weird .WAD that you've had sitting around for years? Post it here.
  3. Rangar

    The Mine Song But It's In A Playable Doom WAD

    this needs to stop
  4. Does this have custom music?
  5. Rangar

    Music producer looking for a mod-team.

    Probably should've stated this previously.. I am making the soundtrack for a very popular mod of Swat 4 called "Elite Force". http://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force
  6. Hey, guys. I'm Rangar, I've been playing Doom for-goddamn-ever, and I've been looking for a mod to make a soundtrack for. I've had experience with mods before, and if anyone wants to work, let me know by replying to this or PMing me.