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  1. The Ultimate Doom 64 doesn't roll off the the tongue as easily. Perhaps it would be better for a greater edition down the line when you go beyond the scope of the original ideas here. Just played through some of the new maps and I have to say Derelict and Forge are my favorites. I like Control too for it's unique bio scanner gimmick. Almost like a homage for Doom 3's Mars city intro map.
  2. Might I suggest in your next update to add the option toggle to your features menu to mix the Absolution maps to the main campaign in the original order of the Absolution TC progression? I don't know if this was suggested before. Excerpt from Doom Wiki Doom 64 TC: "Doom 64 TC: Absolution provides the 32 original levels of Doom 64 for Nintendo 64 (copied as well as possible, but with small differences), although in a slightly different order, and with four additional levels during the gameplay — as well as two demo levels in a short circle: MAP01: Staging Area MAP02: The Terraformer MAP03: Main Engineering MAP04: Holding Area MAP05: Tech Center MAP06: Alpha Quadrant MAP07: Nukage Facility MAP08: Research Lab MAP09: Outpost Omega MAP10: Final Outpost MAP11: Even Simpler MAP12: The Bleeding MAP13: Terror Core MAP14: Dark Citadel MAP15: Altar of Pain MAP16: Eye of the Storm MAP17: Dark Entires MAP18: Blood Keep MAP19: Watch Your Step MAP20: Spawned Fear MAP21: The Spiral MAP22: Breakdown MAP23: Pitfalls MAP24: Burnt Offerings MAP25: Unholy Temple MAP26: No Escape MAP27: Forbidden Deeper MAP28: Shadows Watching MAP29: The Lair MAP30: The Absolution MAP31: In The Void MAP32: Cat And Mouse MAP33: Playground MAP34: Crisis MAP35: Hardcore MAP38: Hectic MAP36: Doom64 Museum MAP37: Death Labs MAP36: Doom64 Museum and MAP37: Death Labs are a kind of tiny episode, accessible via the "PLAY DEMO MAP" menu entry."
  3. I enjoyed this map. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Since Midway went bankrupt and got liquidated back in 2009, there's a chance the publishing rights could've fell into a corporate black hole. I'd wager Warner Bros. has a death grip on it since they brought some IPs from them and has no idea what to do with it. Just like the Blood Franchise... *sadface*
  5. Perhaps you should show him the completed version, or perhaps this compilation itself on public release. I'm sure it will make his day. He's working really hard for Nightdive Studios right now on various projects.
  6. There is a chance they may not have actually written the map names on the maps themselves and relied solely on the .ded for map info. To have all these fantastic level packs in one place is a dream for me. Keep up your mapping mettle as the marine kept up his resolve through the Stygian depths of Hell itself!
  7. Chiming in on the unmaker ideas. I thought it would be cool to turn it into a lightning gun similar to Quake's (In the spirit of id arsenals here) except it shoots an unrefined stream of demonic energy so it makes it look like red lightning. Instead of a function like a direct contact beam similar to Brutal Doom64's version. It can do minor damage and can temporarily stun (constant temporary flinch) monsters leaving them wide open to infighting possibilities, concentrated shock can cause monsters to gib much like a direct hit from a rocket launcher although it would be a waste of energy ammo on medium tier monsters since it's better for the utility.
  8. Clearing up confusion, I was talking about the mod made by Darsycho. Mayhem Mansion was inspired by Exploding lips and utilized a lot of ripped assets. I'm attempting to find a copy of the original game.
  9. Ever since Mayhem Mansion I've been curious to locate the original game it was based on. The demo was simple to find but I'm starting to think this game was vaporware. I've contacted the author of the game, he claimed to have a few hard copies left but I haven't heard back form him since November of last year. I hope I'm in the right sub forum for this. Is there any other way to get this game?
  10. Ok, this just came out of nowhere for me. I'm unable to google any information regarding these projects. Do you have any screenshots? Where is the dev post showing off these projects? Edit: I don't mean to hijack this thread. Just PM me with the material requested. I still like Retribution and I stand by it. I collect nearly all things Doom64 and I consider this to be one of my centerpieces.
  11. Straight Dope: Nope
  12. I want to visit Phobos and Deimos again. With new gravity physics.
  13. @Da Werecat Making snapmap more complex without direction would just lead to problems. With direction: giving the user the ability to create custom modules and inject them into the lineup would give more creative freedom without sacrificing the current build UI, it would then be close to a traditional map editor without having to rely on what id software updates it with. As for Doom 3.. Not everyone can be an id employee working with complex building tools that took years to learn and refine. It's mostly down to in-house skills at that point. Although, with an external custom module builder for snapmap, it wouldn't be any less difficult in the skill requirement, but it would make things more organic.
  14. I'd want it to feel victorious as this guy.
  15. If modding was a little trend. I don't think Doomworld would exist the way it is today. Snapmap does have it's perks, but it still has some hard limitations that traditional mapping software has advantages over.