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  1. On 10/27/2019 at 7:21 PM, Gez said:

    If you're really miserable, disorganized, and famished, you don't revolt. You don't have the energy for it. Or at least it doesn't get to go very far, and then the survivors are cowed for a generation or two. Historically, successful revolutions have always started by well-to-do people, people who had had a good education -- good enough to understand how society works, and more importantly how it doesn't work and how it could be improved.


    That is true. The overwhelming majority of the people who are protesting over here are from the middle class.


    On 10/28/2019 at 1:50 AM, Cacodemon345 said:

    Chile's president just happened to dismiss all of the cabinet ministers.


    Yeah, but that's not very useful. He's the one who needs to gtfo. Besides, the interior minister we have now is even worse than the previous one! He apparently supports the military wholeheartedly, which led to them behaving even worse last night. I don't know any details though.


    And here's a fun fact for everyone: a math teacher who damaged a subway tollbooth was identified and imprisoned in a maximum security jail. On the other hand, a policeman confessed having raped a woman and he's free. His only punishment is having to go sign a document every fifteen days.

  2. 10 hours ago, BBQgiraffe said:

    Damn bro, having your own government turn against you is honestly the most horrifying situation I can imagine


    I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of countries where the authorities don't give a damn about the commonfolk. The difference is how obvious it is at first glance. There's no need to use lethal force if the cattle are calm.


    4 hours ago, nicolas monti said:

    Man, I'm from Argentina and the economic reality is the same, the fact is that every 4 years people vote for the same political parties since the big bang so I think we deserve this shit.


    That sucks :/ I don't understand how some people can be so damn stupid when voting. It's the same with us. Our president is a moron, but everyone knew that well before the elections (he had already been the president once), yet he still got elected a second time. "If we don't vote for him, we'll be like in Venezuela!" some said, because of course, we're in paradise right now.

  3. This is a version of Smooth Doom which includes brightmaps for enemies, weapons, items and textures. It also has some minor changes detailed below.


    At this point in time, it only includes brightmaps for the vanilla content (i.e. no support for Doom 64 stuff and variants), but this might change in the future.




    • All weapons now have the appropriate icon for the alternate HUD.
    • Weapons now leave the appropriate decals.
    • Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer drop red blood upon gibbing.
    • Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer bleed in two different shades of the same color.
    • Added support for stealth monsters.
    • Got rid of some translucent pixels in a few sprites.



    Misc changes (which you might or might not like):


    • Gibs will no longer spawn during gibbing animations. The shower of blood is still there.
    • The color saturation of most dynamic lights has been lowered to match the values in GZDoom's lights.pk3.
    • The Berserk powerup will no longer make the player auto switch to the fist on pickup.



































    • Gifty for Smooth Doom (see full list in Credits.txt)
    • NightFright for Brightmaps Plus
    • TheUnbeholden for the texture brightmaps (if anyone has direct contact with him, please tell him someone (me) is bundling his brightmaps with something else. I PM'd him to ask for permission, but he is unlikely to respond if his "last visited" date is any indication.)

  4. I had a lot of fun playing this! MAP05 was a chore for me though. It overstays it's welcome IMO.


    Also, I have a suggestion:




    There's this area in MAP07 where you have to go through one of the hallways at the sides of the blue keycard switch, and I just kept running past them time and time again. I think the area is way too gray, so the entrances end up blending with the environment. Maybe a red stripe like the ones you can see on the left could signal that the player can go through there.

  5. 3 hours ago, Doomenator said:

    You should upload the version of Smooth Doom for which brightmaps is made. Otherwise, of little use.


    The only thing I have is my modified version, but the changes aren't drastic in any case. Just a couple cosmetic things.


    I don't know if I should be redistributing modified versions, but I have no problem with uploading it if @Gifty is ok with it.


    13 hours ago, elend said:

    EDIT: Uh, how do I load this in the best way? There's a glitch in the Shotgunner's face, where he kind of "blinks" with his face.


    It should be loaded after Smooth Doom, I suppose. Still, it's likely that some of the frames were modified or renamed, like I said in my original post, and the brightmaps will not work correctly if either the lump names or offsets aren't the same.

  6. 6 minutes ago, elend said:

    Wait, Smooth Doom brightmaps are not complete?


    They are not. If you open the latest version with SLADE, you'll see a "STORAGE" folder which contains the avaliable brightmaps, as well as the corresponding GLDEFS lump and a CHECKLIST lump detailing what's done and what isn't.

  7. EDIT: Click here to go download something that actually works: 





    Hey there. I really like using brightmaps, and since Smooth Doom's are far from completion I decided to make some myself. While I made brightmaps for every enemy (with the exception of the lost soul; I like its fullbright look), weapon, item and decoration that I thought needed some, please bear in mind that these were based on an old version of the mod. My copy is probably a year old or so, which means some frames might have been changed or renamed.


    Enemy, weapon and decoration variants do not have any brightmaps. This is only vanilla stuff.




    In case you're wondering why on Earth I didn't use Smooth Doom's latest version as a base, it's because I'm using a modified version I made which fixes some pet peeves I've got with the mod. Using the latest version would've required me to redo all of those changes for not much gain, and I intended this to be for personal use anyway.


    Also, for the love of god, please do not ask me to change anything. This took ages to make (and about 1200 frames) and I don't feel like messing with it ever again. That said, you are free to do whatever you want with these. If it's too broken with the latest version maybe you can still salvage something, I don't know. If you come up with some use for them, then go ahead. Don't even ask me.

  8. 20 hours ago, Belleth said:

    Bug found and corrected. It was an issue if you where moving to fast and the floors haven´t lowered to their lowest point at that time, which broke the intended sequence ;) A new version has been uploaded.


    Cool! I'll check it out once again. I was having quite a bit of fun with it.

  9. I got stuck in MAP02 in the room after the one with the pentagram. I checked the map in GZDoom Builder and I see that a wall is supposed to lower when you pick up the blue skull key, but that didn't happen for me. I don't know if I managed to break the map somehow, or if GZDoom changed the way it handles linedefs at some point (I'm using 4.1.3).

  10. 1 hour ago, Pegleg said:


    You are correct. The original automap only showed red, yellow, brown, and gray (and the gray was only if you had the computer map, to indicate where you hadn't already visited). There was no different color to indicate doors unlocked by keys of various colors or teleport lines or where the exit switch was.


    No, just good old red, yellow, and brown. ... And we liked it! *waves cane around*


    Hehe, I use GZDoom a lot but keep the traditional colors :)