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  1. Does everyone have to control themselves to avoid shitposting? Because I have to... very frecuently (and I fail at that sometimes).

    1. bzzrak


      I know that feeling.

      I've been semi-succestfully controlling myself lately, though.

      Sometimes I'll spend 10 minutes typing a reply to some thread and then press Ctrl+W instead of Submit Reply, but still convince myself that I did post it. I'm kinda weird though.

    2. torekk


      Reminds me of facepunch... back in the days they had a "smartness" system, you'd have like 200 points at first and for each error in your typing and such you'd lose points, if you reach 0 or negative you'll get banned.

      That and chatting with other people on IRC helped me a lot with not shitposting, though I still end up in situations like bzzrak where I just write down a post and then close the tab instead of posting.

    3. geo


      I just post things when I've had lack of sleep. With that said, I usually apologize in the morning. Another thing that helped me to stop posting new threads in general was Ling pointing out five of my last topics had been thread helled. .... one of which was about a man eating his own feces in court to prove how insane he is. Yes a shit post about shit. At the time I just thought it was "strange news."