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  1. I was reading that kid's topic just now. You know, that one. Anyways, it remided me that the other day I found some YouTube comments I wrote when I was like 13-14, and I said things that I would never say with the mindset I have now. I even deleted one of those comments when I saw it.


    I'm 17 now and... I wonder if in the future I will cringe to some of the things I've said now... I hope not.

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    2. Teivman


      We all say things in the past that we regret saying in the present.

    3. Battle_Korbi


      It is funny how decent competent players never have a mic and are often forced to communicate via chat, while every Russian screamo kid is gifted a shitty microphone upon birth.


      Also, being in a creepy-pasta fandom when I was 11-12 still fucks me up, but at least I have learned to write and draw properly from then. God knows what kind of a neet I would be if I haven't jumped in some fandom, so not all past is bad.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      A certain amsrt guy once said "if you ain't ashemed of what you've been doing in the past, then you haven't become any more mature"