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  1. What was this "Post Hell" thing? I've heard about it, but I got into Doomworld too late it seems.

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    2. ‹rd›


      Post Hell is the engine of Doomworld. It takes posts and burns them to generate the heat that keeps everything running, but these posts have to be shitty, because shit ignites faster than non-shitty posts. Before it used to be on display for the curious and the brazen to know their ultimate fate, but it has grown to such large proportions that Linguica, concerned for the safety of all, has locked it away from sight, only to be seen by a secret society of individuals known as the 'moderators', who lurk in the shadows hunting for posts to harvest for the engine. Hope this helps! 

    3. Bauul


      I heard Post Hell grew beyond the comprehension of human minds.  It transcended reality, and to gaze upon reveals the true nature of the universe, but also causes instant and irrevocable insanity.


      Indeed from the Warhammer Wiki entry on the Realm of Chaos genuine Post Hell Wikipedia entry:



      Post Hell is a place of dreams and nightmares, where cause need not follow effect; within its bounds anything is possible. Here there are no physical laws akin to those that dominate the mortal world. Within its confines hopes and fears become real, and reality is reborn as fevered hallucination. Gravity, shape, space and reason — all are in flux and utterly mutable to the will of the Moderators. Few mortals are capable of perceiving Post Hell in its true splendour, for the living mind recoils from its otherworldly landscapes. Thus, no two visions of Post Hell are exactly alike, and are often contradictory.


    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I feel like a keeper of history now, heh.


      Also, this is quite possibly the last known screenshot of Post Hell in its full strength. :[


      (remember, men don't cry)