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  1. This thing about opinions is very interesting to me. It's just so weird (and amazing) how someone can absolutely love something, but then they show it to someone else and that other person can just go like "You like this? WTF?".

    1. galileo31dos01


      In native-spanish-speakers countries we call that "sobre gustos no hay nada escrito". It means that everybody have different tastes and no matter how incomprehensible can we find others tastes, it's just what makes us equal and different at the same time. I like this!


      For example, some players found Urania's map28's midi the worst of the mapset. I myself find it the best lol, and yeah it's weird but it's what it is, different tastes. 

    2. leodoom85


      Correction...map 28 is the worst, not the midi :D. "Cada loco con su tema", I must add...

    3. KVELLER


      @galileo31dos01 Hehe, I'm from Chile, so yeah, I've heard that.