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  1. I think I'm kind of an hypocrite. I say that Doom 1/2 aren't among my favorite games, but still I've replayed them an insane amount of times, and I know every secret on them.


    I think it's because I like more immersive games like Unreal, where you can feel that you're in a place that could be real. Or System Shock 2, the only game that has managed to make chills go down my spine with just creepy dialog.


    I'm seeing Doom the wrong way. It never tried to build a fantastic atmosphere like other games did later, it wasn't id's objective. But it has a gameplay unseen in any other FPS, and I should learn to love that.

    1. Misty


      Just accept that fact, that you like Doom and life will be easier. 

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Ewwwwww you're so repulsive go jump out of a window, do it now

      how DARE you

      You're a living disgrace to this community

      delete your account, you and only you are what ranks this community so low in other people's eyes


      j/k, you're cool :]


      Anyway, you can love different games for different qualities. And you can love them differently.

      I mean, I'm just the same in my hypocrisy. My favourite game ever is MDK, but I haven't even booted it up for a year, because I've completed it, and I'm not yet skilful enough to replay it on a higher difficulty, heh. Meanwhile, I've been playing Doom for 1,5 years now, barely playing anything else.

      So I guess your attitude is normal. Or I'm a hypocrite as well... oh damn.


      mandatory agitation: if you haven't played MDK yet, do it now, the ending alone is worth it

    3. KVELLER


      Well, I live in a a one-story house, so jumping out of a window won't do much :P


      I haven't played MDK, but I'll make sure I play it in the future!