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  1. The other day I was walking on the streets and I realised that no one trusts anyone, and everything because a tiny portion of people are murderers and/or thieves. It's rather sad...


    ...but what else can you do?

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    2. CzechMate29200


       one time I actually starting talking to somebody, and  they kept trying to get away from me, that was 3 years ago.  WHAT THE FUCK US SOMEONE RUNNING AWAY FROM A 14 YEAR OLD FOR?!?!?!?!?


      My point is, I feel your pain, some people are just really paranoid.....

    3. Linguica


      Dear diary, so I was trying to talk to a stranger, and they clearly wanted to get away from me, but despite the fact that I could tell this was the case I kept talking to them anyway, what was their problem?

    4. CzechMate29200



      hehe, sounds like me even...