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  1. Sleeping is just a waste of time. I'm throwing 1/3 of my life out the window every night.


    I wish I could just get energy from the air or something.

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    2. daisuki milk

      daisuki milk

      sleeping is cool cause its not like i have much else to do anyways

    3. CARRiON


      I always feel tired. It sucks. My insomnia hasn't even been that bad lately, so I'm sleeping normally. My body usually only needs 5-7 hours, after that I wake up and can't fall back asleep. I go out, move around, yet still always feel tired and beat down. I've had this almost all my life.


      I remember being jealous of a friend because any time he felt tired or lazy, he'd smoke some weed and that'd get him fired up to go on a run with his dog or clean his room or cook.


      All it makes me wanna do is eat oreos and chips and be a lazy piece of shit laying in bed all day watching YouTube videos. I even smoked the same weed strains he did. Just made me want a nap. ZzZzZz

    4. KVELLER


      @bzzrak Or playing games, or doing anything else. I get your point, I just don't agree with it.