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  1. I didn't know that Arch-Viles dealt little damage if you're behind partial cover. Speedruns have taught me a lot.

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    2. CzechMate29200


      a good example of this can be found in MAP27 of Doom 2 on UV difficulty. Right at the exit door. Stand behind the red key pillar, notice that you will only take 20% damage. I think the  most harmful part of their attack is the splash damage it let's off. 


      also, if you can, try and get arch-vile behind the pillar and right next to the door, see what happens... :)

    3. KVELLER






      I saw this in one of Zero Master's Doom 2 UV Speedruns.

      So yeah, I know about that.

    4. ‹rd›


      For basically every monster, there are some cool ideas that you can use in combat (sometimes an 'exploit' like this, other times just a fundamental factoid about them that is useful for fighting). Slight oversights can definitely make the game better. Doom would be ever so slightly worse for example if you couldn't keep a revenant from attacking by repeatedly inducing its melee attack, just to name one example.