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  1. WARNING: Rant about me being pissed off below.


    I hate when games punish you for failing a level. I like challenges and -if the failure is my fault- I have no issue with replaying something over and over until I manage to do it, but if failure means that besides having to replay a section I also have an extra punishment, then it's just stupid.


    Case in point: NFS Porsche Unleashed. To enter an event, you have to pay an entry fee. Fair enough. The thing is, if you fuck up during the race, you need to pay AGAIN to retry. Oh, and if you damage your car you also have to pay for the repairs (That doesn't really bother me, but in this case the annoyances start adding).


    The reason I'm in my room playing games and not outside, driving a car at 150 mph with the cops on my back, is because in games there usually aren't any consequences if you lose, but this isn't the case. Sure, there's a big difference between going to jail -or dying- and losing virtual cash, but still, it pisses me off.



    1. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      Oh yeah, that thing was cruel. Blew your chance to win a supercar by losing a bonus race? Haha, you suck, you won't get another one.


      I used to cheat with savegames because of this - backing them up into another folder and restoring them when losing something important. Didn't really help a whole lot though. Which is why I eventually gave up on the career mode. I liked the factory driver mode though - you can retry any mission for as many times as you like.

    2. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      Sonic the fucking Hedgehog. The 50 rings entry fee in the first two games to even get access to a special stage during a regular act and then to fail it screwing your chances of getting all chaos emeralds down the line because the special stages are BS. And just everything else in the design department while we're at it.