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  1. I had been working on a Doom map for a couple months (although the instances where I actually worked were few and far between) in a computer in my school. One day I decided to put in in a USB drive so I could continue working on it in my home, but instead of copying it to my laptop immediately, I left it there for a while.

    Recently I remembered that it was there, and when I started looking for my USB drive, I couldn't find it. It had been stolen (I know who it was and why but it's a topic I'm not interested in talking about). Also, I'm so smart that I didn't keep a copy in the computer I was using in school.

    I never had any motivation for mapping, but now, when I finally started creating something and gathered a bunch of ideas, everything goes to hell.

    Call it fate or just plain bad luck, but I guess I'm starting from scratch. Sigh... What I had probably sucked, anyways...

    1. MarsHappyNation


      Damn, sorry to hear it. ):