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  1. Rant about Alien Vendetta below.


    So I beat Alien Vendetta for the first time. I played it months ago but I got tired of it in MAP11 IIRC (I died and forgot to save).


    Anyways, I played it from start to finish now, in UV with pistol starts. My favorite map by far is MAP20. I really like the atmosphere it has, and I think everything is very well balanced, unlike MAP22, a map that I really disliked (which is ironic, considering they were made by the same author). It feels like a lot of work went into making the level look pretty and very little in playtesting, since I spent half the map without ammo. Oh yeah, I was drowning in cells, without any energy-based weapon to use them, because the author thought it'd be a good idea to put them in secret areas (Sorry about the rant, but I'm really pissed off about that map).


    At the end of the day, I enjoyed most of the WAD, although I wouldn't play it again. Some of the maps were too salughtery for my taste, but I have to admit some of them have a clever design that allows players to win without (too) much of an effort if they actually use common sense and don't rush into the horde like a brain-dead idiot (special mention to MAP26 on this).

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    2. KVELLER


      Yep, it was MAP23. Sorry about that.


      Even if it's balanced for heavy berserk usage, I don't think the creator did a good job on it. You can't just make a map and expect the player to know that they have to conserve ammo if they don't want to face two cyberdemons without anything to shoot at them.

    3. galileo31dos01


      The two times I tried the map, I reached the third cyber without enough ammo, since RNG and blockmap and revenants played against me. No exaggerations. Not sure if the second cyber can be avoided for later, the third one is definitely a must-kill. I do agree the map could have had one or two more shell boxes so you don't have to start again due to the stuff I mentioned before (except revenants). But this is a personal perspective, not saying it's bullshit the way it is.

    4. KVELLER



      Not sure if the second cyber can be avoided for later, the third one is definitely a must-kill.

      I actually managed to survive without killing the third one. I died a few times before I could open the damn yellow key bars though.