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  1. I just rage quit out of Diablo.


    I tried to play it months ago, but I didn't find it fun enough to stick with it at the time, but I decided to give it a proper attempt now, and God FUCKING DAMMIT I'M PISSED.


    Oh, so you chose a melee-type character? Well, good luck against a boss with a giant sword that takes out a big chunk of your health with each blow, and that also gains health when hitting you!


    After dying (twice) trying to kill him, I decided to start over with an archer (I think it's called rogue?) thinking it'd be easier.




    After cursing a lot about the god-awful controls (why is left click to attack and move?? I have a keyboard full of keys goddammit!!) I started bumping against the walls until I eventually got surrounded and killed. In the first room of the fucking game...




    I don't like this love/hate relationship I have with RPGs.

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    2. everennui


      I really don't like many RPGs. I've never had the patience for them, but I always found Diablo to be really enjoyable.

      Are you using your mana attacks often?

      Maybe just slow down the pacing in your head. It's a very quick rpg, but it's still an rpg.

      Diablo isn't a super grindy game, but you'll need to do it from time to time just to find great items.

    3. KVELLER


      I was using the barbarian, so I didn't have any magic attacks.

    4. Dravencour


      Sounds like you fought the Butcher. That bastard's killed more than a few lowbies in his day on Level 2 of the Cathedral.