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  1. I just rage quit out of Diablo.


    I tried to play it months ago, but I didn't find it fun enough to stick with it at the time, but I decided to give it a proper attempt now, and God FUCKING DAMMIT I'M PISSED.


    Oh, so you chose a melee-type character? Well, good luck against a boss with a giant sword that takes out a big chunk of your health with each blow, and that also gains health when hitting you!


    After dying (twice) trying to kill him, I decided to start over with an archer (I think it's called rogue?) thinking it'd be easier.




    After cursing a lot about the god-awful controls (why is left click to attack and move?? I have a keyboard full of keys goddammit!!) I started bumping against the walls until I eventually got surrounded and killed. In the first room of the fucking game...




    I don't like this love/hate relationship I have with RPGs.

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    2. DesecratorJ
    3. KVELLER


      Yeah, Diablo 1.

    4. DesecratorJ


      Haha, this game is so easy and fun! You don't need that much grinding just to beat Diablo tbh. Just get the right quest items, take everything that has value to sell, staffs, armors, rings and amulets. If you want the easy way to get the best magic (blue) items... Wirt is the solution.

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