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  1. My headphones had some problems, so I sent them to some technical service to fix them, and guess what? They fixed the problem and added another: They fucked up the stereo and now it's inverted.


    GREAT. Now I'll have to go back there and tell them to fix the damn thing. AGAIN.

    1. galileo31dos01


      So irritating when they make you go more than once to fix their own mistakes, you waste your money and time on travelling and stuff. My mom once had to send her tablet to service, they fixed the thing and then she took her tablet to an accessories store to buy an external keyboard. One of the assistants that attended her, forced the cable and broke the port, but she noticed when she came back home. Imagine the rage she had. To take the tablet to service AGAIN, over an hour of trip.   

    2. Doomkid


      This kind of bullshit really pisses me off because these devices usually cost 15 cents from some Chinese distributor and the price is marked up 9999999999999 fold. This considered, the least the vendor could do for you is replace the shit for free when they sold you a half-broken product. Not gonna happen in this reality, but it would be nice.