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  1. So last time I played Diablo I got obliterated after a while using the barbarian, and what do you know? The barbarian wasn't even a class in the original game, and I had no idea. It was an addition made by the Belzebub mod, which I thought just allowed you to play with a higher resolution, but nope. It adds extra items, spells and other things.


    I don't care if I have to mess around a bit more to get the original game running, I just don't want to play it with mods without finishing it at least once on its original form.

    1. ShoDemo


      Yes, finishing a game, first without mods, is also something I always like to do.

      About the Barb, I just knew that Diablo 1 had only 3 classes, yet this status update made me search on the wiki and I saw that the Barb was also available in Hellfire (I still don't know much about Hellfire.


      Anyways, here is the thing I found I lacked with my first Warrior playthrough (I too got my ass kicked and I don't know if I can save that playthrough anymore, though I might make a new one sometime):

      When I would up my Strength, I could do damage, but I was slow.

      When I would up my Dexterity, I could hit faster, but I was weak.

      Plus, Dexterity is supposed to be prioritized, because for some reason, it is more effective in a Warrior and I didn't know.


      So, I needed to find the perfect balance between the two and that was something that a first timer couldn't have known without research, which means that it got ugly really fast (I think I got to level 3 or 4 and I managed to kill the Butcher with luck, but I haven't played the game ever since, because of getting stomped).



      Meanwhile in Diablo 2, it is a whole lot easier (you just have to take care of the spells and follow a certain build). Last time I played, I was kicking the enemies' asses in Act 2 and if I ever decide to continue playing, I can definitely do more progress, without trying as hard as in the first game.

      And the Paladin is great fun.