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  1. I was playing 3 Heures d'agonie II, got to MAP28 and... I just can't keep going. Not today, at least.


    I was struggling in MAP27 with 200 or so enemies, and MAP28 greets me with no less that 2400 monsters... fucking hell... I can't enjoy slaughter maps. I've tried time and time again, but they're just not for me. Also, you should know by now that Arch-Viles make my blood boil and, well, seeing 15 to 20 of those motherfuckers per map doesn't make me happy, to say the least.


    It's also late, and I'm so tired that I swear I heard an Arch-Vile whose laugh was echoing in the distance at one point. There weren't any Arch-Viles nearby, BTW.


    Fuck Arch-Viles.


    Also, I'm probably going to have nightmares tonight.

    1. leodoom85


      Archie voice when dying "whywhywhy"...

      Looks like someone took this poor soul which even archies can't revive it...