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  1. So I went to an English debate last year and even though I was praised by my classmates and teachers, I didn't really have a good time due to the fact that I hate speaking in front of people, and having to learn about a theme that I don't care about wasn't nice either.


    Now my English teacher is telling me that there's another debate this year, and that I'm, quite literally, the only one on the whole damn school that can actually talk in English and do the conclusion (i.e. defend our idea and counter attack the opponent team's points). She told me that she wasn't going to force me to participate or anything, but that they are screwed if I don't help.


    It does feel nice to excel on something and be praised for that, but I've never been the kind of person that actually seeks fame. The only thing that I would gain from going there would be lots of anxiety, and maybe a cheap mug. However, if I do go I would help my teacher and I would leave a good image of our school.


    I don't know what to do.

    1. leodoom85


      You should do it, not for some fame as you said, but recognition and to do the right thing to help your teacher. Heck, I did some things for the school when I was a kid and adults recognized me as an example to others. But for that, you gotta man up and let the event flow naturally.

      Also, it can be a nice experience for you to remind what was of yourself when you get older man....

    2. bzzrak


      DO IT you'll have loads of fun. 

      I took part in something similar a few weeks ago and it's an absolutely stunning experience. 

    3. ShoDemo


      If I was in your case, I would probably feel extremely guilty and do it for the others (it is kinda stupid, but I am who I am). Don't know if I would hate myself in the process, but in the end I would be glad to help, no matter if the others acknowledge it or not.

      And I agree on the not caring for fame part. I mean, even if you cared for fame, I don't think this would be a solid reason by itself to participate.


      So I guess, Go 2 it, but try not to push yourself too hard. Have trust in yourself, because you can do it.