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  1. I was in school the other day working in Doom Builder, when a classmate walked by and saw me. He went like "Hey, that looks fun. Just give me a copy of it already." I was taken by surprise, and had to take a couple seconds to catch up to what was going on. Long story short, I gave him DB and spent around an hour teaching him the basics and just watching him build stuff. Gotta love that 90s-style texturing haha.


    The funny thing is that he hadn't even played the game (although he knew it existed at the very least), so he fired up MAP01 in UV, and got killed three times before getting to the exit with 5 health. The balance of whatever he creates is probably not going to be very good, but I'm still interested in what he'll come up with, even if just for the architecture.


    He still asks me how to do certain things in the editor every now and again, so I know for a fact that he's been working on something for around two weeks.


    I'm still surprised.


    On a side note, I keep forgetting that status updates exist.

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Another Doomer is born... how sweet! :-)

    2. KVELLER


      I don't have much hope for him to continue playing after a while, but I don't really know him very well, so we'll see.