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  1. D4NUK1

    Metroid Prime 4 Announced

  2. D4NUK1

    how would you rate your mental health?

    It's better that some years ago, but there not such thing like now like stable good status on where i live, so things figth back and forth, so i can't for example live with the luxury of the same kind of people in other places...but this still don't broke me on a depressive stuff because of the support of many many things on my life. Therapy helps too.
  3. Sounds like Jupiter Hell, Grungo will like Jupiter Hell. (Only if Grungo played before DoomRL before the change name) https://store.steampowered.com/app/811320/Jupiter_Hell/
  4. My brother and i, we are Dead Simple and Even Simple
  5. D4NUK1

    Can't play Doom 3, FPS is SUPER slow

    I see you're runing a laptop, maybe the .exe from Doom 3 on Steam run on integrated graphics card and not on the onboard graphics cards (GTX 970M), so maybe check that out. And i would recommend a Source Port from Doom 3 to tweak and maybe make it run better that the Original version.
  6. Some changes that would flow better and connect better Eternal with 2016. -Change back Samuel Hayden / Samur Maykr into two different characters. Where Hayden after failing to attack the demons by the ARC, falls back yet again to change body but now with Maykr technology. Without knowing, he only serve the purporse to ressurect the Seraphim and now Hayden it's reduced to a back up copy like Vega, and Samur Maykr fit's the role of the one to try to get the life Sphere like the Doom Eternal DLC. -Make Vega a child of the Father instead of the Father, so when Vega learns from Urdak they true origin, try to fill the gaps at what could be possible from him to do, and end saving Doom Slayer life opening a last second portal after the Seraphim defeat by the Slayer, and be nostalgic about how the Slayer saved him from a Self Destruct sequence only to end dying on one in a much great scale. -Make a boss from Blood Swamps a great scale Marauder with a back story from the Setinels.
  7. D4NUK1


    In my opinion on how this "Dash" or Push goes in the Trailer. I would like Faster Walk-speed instead of a faster Dash, so you use the Dash Attack when needed.
  8. D4NUK1

    How Does Doomguy Do This?

  9. D4NUK1

    What if ID went low tech, for a bit.

    But...what if...some of iD software and newer devs made something like this and released to the public like a mod. https://eviternity.dfdoom.com/ This it's still groundbreaking and would be a indie Doom rigth?
  10. D4NUK1

    What if ID went low tech, for a bit.

    With the new title, you idea it's more likely like this Like, Warhammer games are always high tech 3D Stuff, but this it's like a indie FPS with a good game studio behind. So Something like if a small division of iD Software was to made their own original FPS without needing iD Tech 9 or something for example, as they could use olders iD Tech or other engines to make the games like they would do on the old days. That's could be cool, and it's something like Ubisoft it's doing so maybe it's possible if the price to make a game still goes up on the trillions dolars
  11. D4NUK1

    What if ID went low tech, for a bit.

    https://store.steampowered.com/curator/40645616/sale/IndieFPSSummerShowcase?l=latam&%3Bsnr=1_2300_4__salesmartsaleeventsonly Take a look at what could be a good Doom Classic id formula game and try to check if there it's a Demo and help to grow the game.
  12. D4NUK1


    Please be kind to the Doom Eternal Haters, but that plugin was more like a tool for a neurodivigent way to cope?... Anyways, there's always more healthy ways to enjoy the game, like the classics wads that are really good rigth now, so hope we got on topic. Saying this like still a Doom Eternal Enthusiastic player when i got the time.
  13. D4NUK1

    BRUTAL DOOM Mega wads

    There's a lot
  14. D4NUK1


    Looks Amazing, feel fast, have a lot of set pieces and hopefully have a good weapons interactions. And it's feel like a good way to continue the Nu-Doom lore without still locking out stuff.
  15. D4NUK1

    How do I git gud?

    My take it's to try to play every level of overboard without mid saves, as a short was but with punishing monsters and Different gimmicks you will be tested, there are 6 levels + 6 of the same levels but harder.
  16. People should play the best wads made for Doom 64, as the PC Reputation it had a very good start and many videos with positive opinions.
  17. Dude, people like us are also the blood of the game, people do the maps, the proyects and stuff, but we also are the one that take our time to play it and enjoy it.
  18. That's it?! That's just a cheap plastic looking thing and a guy dressed as a demon?! No Spritework?! No coherence with the art style? Where it's the good stuff?! Why the music it's FARTS! /S
  19. Venezuela with 1.6 full café never be old
  20. D4NUK1

    What megawads do you replay the most?

    Accent Aliens, Eviternity I, and sometimes the TNT Revolution and Devolution.Wads
  22. I trink would be Counter Strike 1.6 on a local cafe with my cousins when i was 6 or 7 years old. Another that can take the spot would be 007 Goldeneye or Medal of Honor Underground for PSX. But for Counter Strike 1.6 was playing CS_Assault with Dual Berretas and a MAC 10 like a pro.
  23. D4NUK1

    How do y'all deal with indecisiveness in gaming?

    For games like fast paced or action based, i like to set me goalpoints, that would be 1 or 2 levels per sesion, or a time for play, if i want to still play, i'll just extend my time more. That's how i complete various FPS for diverses game devs. For RPG, i'll try to play like this was a old rpg, so like, mostly use a sub class and make that my tier of leveling. that's how my Oblivion character does only combos with dual dagger and little of magic.
  24. D4NUK1

    Emulator future

    Moddb for quake also have their fair share of maps and mods that serves as total convertions. https://www.quaddicted.com
  25. D4NUK1

    Emulator future

    Wake me up when Sony copyrigths and delete rimms blairs That could be possible at the moment with what yuzu and nintendo precedents make it feel. The only good one it's Xbox.