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  1. jamondemarnatural

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    I like when he livestream, is super chill to hear and watch with doing something else, and the hype with weapons that he got is not normal. Also a big name for people to watch and play mods (i sure the majority of mod workers want Ikarus to review their mod) so that a Plus,because he is not cocky or anything, just a old gamer fella. Also he likes Dusk.
  2. jamondemarnatural

    Can you give me some ideas?

    Im more to specifics of the game type, but im one with Go out, go to play that BattleRoyale game, but don't come here later to hide of demons to win..
  3. jamondemarnatural

    Can you give me some ideas?

    Something like the DOS Quit exit message?
  4. jamondemarnatural

    Warning/Advice About Doom Engine Games on Steam

    I got a guide to replace that with steamedit, and running always with doom explorer with screansots taken for my steam.
  5. jamondemarnatural

    If Doom was more popular in the 90's than it was in the real world

    So doom is popular, there is a group of people working on they own maps (The casilli Brothers and the evilution team) they have some impact on the internet because they will release for the fans, iD see this, and with help of money and people on suits, help those mappers, giving them money to release the map for them, in a map-pack called the Final Doom i pressume, some fans (almost all following the TNT (THE NEW TECHNOLOGY) team ) was upset, because now they will need to pay to play thoses maps, instead of free sharing. Those start a hate-waggon on those team calling them betreyers or cash-grabbers, but anyway, the maps come out and almost everyone praise Plutonia and hate TNT (on the 90) If that was more popular, maybe that "FINAL DOOM" was not the last one, remeber the master maps, so they try more and more of that, maybe Doom 64 instead of console come to PC as a new 32 wad, or the same Nintendo 64 port, but with less modding posibilities, etc.
  6. jamondemarnatural

    If Doom was more popular in the 90's than it was in the real world

    If was more popular, maybe Id goes full greddy and launch more Doom games but with less source code to work with it. U know, like the expansions packs but without mods
  7. Im venezuela too, and know some folks that play from here, so not to much unlike. But never see someone for peru
  8. jamondemarnatural

    Favorite Cyberdemon Encounters

    Map 8 of Extermination Day have a nice one to one figth with a Cyberdemon in a splattered and destroyed basement of laboratory, with no much room to hide, only strafe and attack
  9. jamondemarnatural

    I'm new here to Doomworld, just saying hi!

    Hope u enjoy, im still lurking wads and confesions, but hi too!
  10. jamondemarnatural

    Best Map in All of Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment

    Welp, call me simple, but dead simple stroke for me the first time i played it. And for that i like every intepretetion of Doom M7 be like that. For Doom 1: E1M8 and E4M2
  11. So, im using gzdoom last version, and play wads like QC:DE and Proyect Brutality, and im just asking, if is posible to get custom settings to get my keybidings diferent from each other. Im play QC like a Quake 3 bidings, with Q being rocket launcher, E ligthing, R Railgun, F Plasma, etc. And Proyect Brutality with Q as Kick, R Reload, etc. If there a way, can somebody teach me? Tranks, and have fun.
  12. jamondemarnatural

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Newgothic Movement 2 & Deus Vult II

    So..internet goes off on my country and im late on my post! So he're come. Map3 : The first fun map action on this wad. The temple its a nice touch and the time to give u to preparate to what it next when u activate the botton its cool. Going to the left, i'm ready to evade and run in circles rocketing everything alive. Killing the archi first ofcourse. When free of monsters the SShotgun position was cool, and i was expecting that kinda mosnter lock out. The temple interior to grab the bfg9000 and kill barons and reverants was awesome and keep me pumped with the nice locations of items. Also im rushed that cyberdemons couse i can't kill them in so little space. Going next to the maze system after picking and killing the caco and other demons with the chaingun was frustating, but my way of rush>die>learn>repeat give me the key and oh boy what a demon-fest was after. So kill anything that is in my way to the teleporter Map4: Monster Counter less that 200?! Welp, tranks Pretty easy to kill the pinkys and imps in the first section. The items grab and kill mob demons (Barons, reverants and that fat camper demon that i hated on my childhoud!), but anyway's pretty doable with the bfg9000 of last level. And the preparation for grab the soulphere and activate the switch to have u locked with barons and 2 cybers! Actually i was hiding behind the barons and they take the rocket for me, after the secons passed away and the doors opened, i try to camp downstairs and actually killed close to all the demons of that section. But when i got to the doors and keep pushing and demons attacking of my sides and my back, i'm try to live with 70 hp and 90 armour and go to the teleporter. And after i touched the teleport, the archie had killed me!. But shame on u achi-ville! You jumped me to the exit. Map 5: Pistol start..couse i die in the exit. That not its a good screen, but was using saves and being away of my weapons got me down :C Anyway the first section of this was the FUN part. With the megasphere, chaingun and shotgun there. The imps and demons was going down. Running and evading rockets of the reverants when only imps keeped in the map was pretty easy, Going up to get the rocket and plasma was cool, and easy to kill the chainguners. Them goes the "demon-fest" On the one-jump way down. to try to make ur way on killing imps, cacos, barons and mecha-spiders. the megaspehere down there was a good place, to try to run if u need to live. Killing the arachatron was somewhat hard evading the rockets, so i was going to try my best with the plasma gun. Barons and Mancubi? Ez. But then. Another "demon-fest" of cyberdemons, soooo many imps and pinkies! Got the bfg, got my switch, got the megaarmour and killed so many..Them in the other side where its the reverants was my safe place. Activating the switch and i got scared for that cyber behind me! And i was out of plasma and rockets! How i try to kill them!? I can't so my better try its pistol the switch and run for the hills of the demons sides and go to the teleport! And was pretty easy to got. Rearming with ammo pickups im try my best in the next section, but there its "the im going to fuck u" section of this map, Going down of the pool of blood, and escaping of archies and cybers demons to only die so many times in that pit. with luck to try open the 4 switch and the key to open the doors and end this nigthmare! Really, sometimes invuneravirity can make some sections fun. And also, getting fucked by spidermastermind and archiviles pushing me off the door and need to do all over again of pool of blood>pit>teleport>run to the door. and also, fucking archies on the exit, im really dont know how many saves and time spent there. Still playing map 6, and i hope tomorrow bring the 6 and 7.
  13. jamondemarnatural

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Newgothic Movement 2 & Deus Vult II

    So you can try me @Spectre01 Opened Gzdoom and try again the first level, this time with a objetive to kill more demons. With a diferent strategy oaf clean on sectors and abuse the friendly fire of demons. Killed like 300 of the 380 monsters. And then.. So i change my strategy to run to the spidermastermind and his soulsphere again and live to escape..but many death after. Yeah, i will say i make it. So Map 2! This is on GBloom, UV. Made a pistol start. Like the corridor move bitch im rocket launching here, and change to shit i need to escape to a safe zone. Very fun escape to search that door where its megahealth and the bfg9000. And try to open the door guarded by thoses spiders. the demons infighting the cyberdemon helped me and go to the unfun part of the level. The teleport puzzle. It will be more fun with some invulneravirity spheres to try to make ur way on the rigths paths. Also, i get stucked here. Not cheating, only got the soulspehere close to that with a radiation suit xD. And after many trails and errors, to where to go. Got it to the laser room. To kill the 2 cyberdemons and run after killing reverants and archeviles with the BFG9000. PD: I need to learn to hide my pics like @Demtor
  14. jamondemarnatural

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Newgothic Movement 2 & Deus Vult II

    So, how cowards play Slaugthermaps? They run! Playing on GBloom! HMP. So first the rocketlauncher with the 3 mancubi and shotgunners. Pretty easy, then the 40 monster fest that is the reverants and barons with the 3 archie to kill first. After that, when the doors opens. Run! Evading all the monster and the archie on the door, then go to the left to see squares of demons incoming! But some soulsphere and door keep me alive. Running trougth reverands, barons of hells and that one archie that make me jump some square of reverant. Going to the hallway with spiders and a Cyberdemon, i grab that blue armour and make a mano to mano with the cyberdemon, only to go to his rigth and oper the door, with a bad luck of getting killed by the spidermastermind in the end. So many restarts. I got in my way. But know i know reading this that there its a BFG, maybe i will try again xD
  15. jamondemarnatural

    Favourite Classic Doom game and why?

    Ultimate Doom couse that was the only i got in the Doom95 port if i remeber. I hated the flesh consumed!