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Everything posted by pulkmees

  1. Oh boy I'm sad for anyone, who planned their wad releases for this year. 1 spot for Romero in the Cacowards guaranteed, unless they make it a special award (since the guy technically made the game). EDIT: Actually it's released next year, so people have time to play other wads after his, so it might not be as bad of a timing.
  2. Or is that an intentional John W. Anderson mistake in a McGee level ? EDIT: Figured it out. Kind of a weird one though.
  3. pulkmees

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    If there are only 1-2 slaughtermaps in a wad, that could be completed by average doomers then I will play them. But whole wads ? No. I rather the difficulty come from a fewer enemies placed unexpectedly than a lot of them. 4 Revenant rockets to the face has the same effect as 32 to me. I'm oversimplifying obviously, but that's what it comes down to at the end - more enemies.
  4. Aren't these types of usermade wads the reason ID released their Master levels ? Because the market was overflowing with these random maps and these "companies" just repackaged them and sold them.
  5. pulkmees

    INVASION... Level 2--The Upper Decks

    Second level of the unfinished project Invasion and it's an improvement...in parts. Gameplay is mostly the same, but there's more custom textures and a pretty damn impressive hell section/setpiece. Everything is also more polished. There's still a lot of tunnels and lifts, which does get tedious. Rocket Launcher is hard to find(in fact if you're thinking of playing this, it's in the tunnels in a secret compartment, and even with that info you need to look for it for quite a while). The map has great atmosphere though. It definitely looks like a spaceship. Ammo placement is different(from the prequel map). If you run out you have to remember where the armory is or where you left that most recent ammo pile. If you played the previous map, you should play this too. Compared to most 1994 levels it's pretty damn impressive how much detail and decent gameplay is in this.
  6. pulkmees

    INVASION... Level 1--Contamination

    This is...a spaceship map made in 1994. And it IS well made for 1994, but it does have dated elements in it. There's a central area with a teleport ambush. Then there's loads of rectangular rooms with shotgunners and then there are the cramped vents/tech tunnels with loads of imps with lifts in between them. There's also a big flaw in the map. IF you get to a certain big room without the red key, you're stuck. There are also a couple of crusher traps, that require some fast thinking. Ammo is plenty. I would still recommend playing this just to see what 1994 were like.
  7. That's a lot of effort for something that's free though. Also this kinda needs to be a full on TC at this point ? It's too detailed and colorful to be just a doom mod no ? (I'm also lowkey kind of annoyed that this is being made as now I'm super disheartened of continuing work on my own wad. At least if it was a TC it wouldn't be a doom wad any more.)
  8. pulkmees

    Beyond Hell

    I think you should post this elsewhere as well. Maybe tweet Romero the video(and a well made pitch, that humans can understand) I don't know. The drawings are super hard to figure out, because they are scribbles in black and white. Ditch those. The video makes the most sense(although it needs a good explanation accompanying it). Or make the comic more colorful with the important parts stand out more. Why limit this thing to only Doom though ? This should be it's own thing from the start although that means time and money animating cool looking monsters. I guess for demo purposes it works. But yeah you mentioned everyone jumped ship after Pokemon Go. Don't know what to tell you there. I wasn't that interested in it myself when the craze was still going on. Shooting Doom monsters in your own room and it's cheap, it sounds interesting, but needs polish obviously(no shit, sherlock right) Money situation ? Yeah, that sucks. Any chance of getting some kind of a shitty, but easy job ? Cuz it's a pretty big long shot of finding random people to give you money for this. No ? After that you could maybe try something again. The homeless part should be a priority no ?
  9. Yup, definitely won't be able to play this. Also the way this is hyped up now feels like I'm gonna be disappointed no matter what.
  10. pulkmees

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    This peaked my interest. What's the exact version of BD it needs though ? I'm using the ver 20b, but the explosion in the first room doesn't happen, so it's got to be a specific Brutal Doom version from 2016 I think. EDIT: Got it working with an old version of GZDoom(same version the Starter Pack was released with) and your pk3 file, which had the whole Brutal Doom mod baked into as well. Took a while to figure that out. EDIT2: Ah, yes, I was dumb. The gzdoom.exe that came with the Starter pack had the brutal doom baked into it not your wad, which, you know, makes sense XD.
  11. pulkmees

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    Not really Doom(although based on it), but the Ashes2063 mod that came out had city levels/ruined outposts in it. It's got atmosphere up the wazoo too.
  12. The Plasma rifle in Brutal Doom is a lot more satisfying to fire with Doom 3 sound effects and (kinda) the new sprite it has.
  13. pulkmees

    Project Warlock

    I think I came here after the fact so I never saw how it looked back then. Maybe it did look kind of meh. At least GGmanlives confirmed the shooting is very enjoyable.
  14. pulkmees

    Project Warlock

    What the hell were people bitching about here, I don't get it. It looked ok for what it was(made by a single person). I really want to know how this guy managed to get 3-4 other people to join with him though? Was that after or before the GoG deal ?
  15. The custom campaign of Brutal Doom. Episode 1 mostly(untill map 4 or 5), but also Ep3 Blood Swamp.
  16. pulkmees

    Getting Lost in Doom

    I think it would help if map designers would put the automap at the start of the map and not in a secret that makes you collect 3 keys. Why the hell would I want an automap at the end? For other secrets ? Usually I can't even find the missing secrets using the automap.
  17. pulkmees

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    I watch every episode of Doom Mod Madness, because he sometimes plays something I didn't even know existed since the mod was started on some buried forum post.(played Ashes 2063 and Blade of Agony because of him) Don't have the patience to look out for anything new by myself. Most of the time it's mediocre stuff though, but it's fun seeing him get frustrated.
  18. pulkmees

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Conserving plasma and rockets for some fight later on, but then when the fight happens you beat it using the shotgun.
  19. pulkmees

    Whispers of Satan

    Pretty good wad if you like symmetry and visually striking architecture. Gameplay also has a symmetrical element to it, that might put some people off, but the visuals kind of make the whole experience ok. As a result of the symmetry the navigation is also easy. Most frequent fight setpiece is a door, that needs 2 switches to be flipped. Of course enemies appear, teleport or guard it, usually a symmetrical set on either side. A common end enemy is the archvile, which might get repetitive/boring/annoying to fight depending who you are(the last 2 maps managed to annoy me) There are a couple cheap trap maps, but not too many. The best maps are in the hell section as this is where they went nuts with the architecture and visuals. A major thing I disliked however was the secrets as most were behind a very very slightly misaligned wall texture. Not going to even bother humping every wall. Some were also accessible only once. The secret levels were also strangely enjoyable and/or weird. Difficulty is just right, no slaughter combat(if that is a detriment to someone) in sight. Maps are pretty balanced for pistol start, although some maps get tricky and you'll probably need to find the secrets for ammo. Altogether I can definitely recommend this wad, might be a bit too mechanical, but it's all very polished and solid for what it's offering.
  20. Any secret, that gives you a weapon you need, but it's at the end of the map behind a wall indistinguishable from the rest. I guess it works for continuous play, but other than that it annoys me.
  21. Skimmed through the replies, but has anyone mentioned the fact that a lot of the doom textures have "built in" shadows. That is obviously going to to look awful with real shadows from you know...3d objects. Look at that simple brown96 texture, it's suppose to have those little protruding parts clearly in 3d, but it's a flat texture because of the limits. All the textures that don't have those shadows(basically flat surfaces) look pretty decent.
  22. Dawn of the Dead No Sleep for the Dead Doom 2 The Way ID Did - some maps try to mess with you like the worst parts of Doom 2 though.
  23. Super detailed visuals, but the gameplay is still mostly running through corridors. Copying any encounter from an IWAD. Shitty ammo balance.
  24. pulkmees

    Favorite Cyberdemon Encounters

    Double Impact map E1M8. 4 Cyberdemons, loads of places to hide, but also you have to flip switches and to do that you have to run through wide corridors, so the cyberdemons don't corner you.
  25. pulkmees

    Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition

    Fun little experiment. Every level has it's corresponding essence taken from it's Doom 2 counterpart. Factory is a bit hard to complete on pistol start though.