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  1. pulkmees

    5 years

    Very enjoyable 3 map wad, that manages to have a consistent theme throughout. Not too easy, not too hard. It has some good surprises. It's more detailed than an average doom map, but that adds to the atmosphere. Gameplay has some chaotic moments as the ammo is tight, but that means finding it is that much more rewarding. Low enemy count, but they are well placed as to keep you moving. The size of the maps is just right, each map has a definite idea, that doesn't get expanded too much as to get confusing. 5 stars just to get the rating up. 4/5 maybe if you start nitpicking on the chaotic nature of the fights.
  2. If someone does play on UV all the time as a rule and it's too hard and he completes the wad, then of course he's going to feel a bit superior over people, who just played on the lower difficulty settings. This isn't something you can just turn off. You had a more challenging experience and more of the game to play. I mean the trick I guess is not to be a dick towards other people after you've done it, but that's a rule in life anyway.
  3. pulkmees

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    That bigass lightsword looked like it came from that green looking gargoyle environment. Which would make the Phobos mission take place later in the game. OR they just added it in just to show it off.
  4. That was the point, wasn't it ? I like it, but I have a dislike for some of the more difficult levels and the end level(cough* Alfonzo)
  5. pulkmees

    Getting annoyed by some words

    High school children have time to think of shit like that. Most of the time the word or acronym has no good reason to even exist, it's just popular, because it got...popular. I got annoyed when yolo "came out" years back. Still am actually, although I am used to it by now.
  6. Yeah, there's no stigma against playing it, but there definitely is a sweetspot difficulty in every wad, that's not too difficult or too easy. By sweetspot I mean an average doom player can complete it without being bored or ragequiting. In most cases that difficulty is actually on UV, I myself have come to expect it. If a lot of people have come to expect the UV difficulty to be a certain way already, then mappers should take that into account right ? Obviously there are no rules here, every mapper defines the difficulty for themselves, but that does create confusion later on. Just mentioning it in a text doesn't cut it. You have to put it in big bold letters that this is the exact difficulty you were aiming at and then hope an average doomer even reads the text file.
  7. If it already is in everyone's consciousness that UV is the default everyone usually plays then no shit people are more likely to play on UV. I don't get mappers, who get pissy with that idea. There's enough shitty maps to be careful of any other difficulty setting other than UV. Everyone is suppose to take it on faith what kind of difficulty the designer thought to implement. Is it going to be too easy, maybe too hard. Who has time to play through both when you have a megawad with 32 maps ? No one(casual player) will even touch the other settings unless you specifically announce it in a forum post or right before playing the map a screen with text appears, that says you made extra effort to implement difficulty settings, which SHOULD be explored. UV ALREADY is the default everyone is used to.(or so it seems to me. I can obviously be wrong)
  8. Scythe 2(mind you I love Scythe 1), Memento Mori, Alien Vendetta. Had to be there when they came out I guess. I completed KdiZD recently and thought it was ok. Never really read anything that got my expectations up before playing it though. I will say it has too much key and switch hunting for my liking.
  9. pulkmees

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Oh boy, again with this. Doom 1 - more realistic textures and environments, limited bestiary, Romero's maps as first impression, more connecting tissue between maps(story), easy as fuck, but also less cheap traps. Doom 2 - more bestiary, but not utilized fully, rushed maps, experimental maps by Sandy leave a lasting impression, less connecting story, a lot more space(which in turn means a lot of the same textures), Super Shotgun, harder difficulty.
  10. pulkmees

    Haunted Base

    Are those Fades from Natural Selection 2 ?
  11. pulkmees

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    No one mentioned Moonblood yet ? Seriously, that's the whole wad basically, well the end gets a bit slaughtery i guess.
  12. pulkmees

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    I can also confirm getting stuck at the exact doors as the previous poster using PRBoom+. Checked the editor briefly too. Should work, but doesn't.
  13. If you think Bioshock, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are overrated then what counts as a fairly rated game ? These 3 already exceeded expectations. Bioshock's way of playing the game is still copied to this day. Not even gonna mention what Half-Life did to the industry. And I'm not some blind fanboy either, I played through Half-Life 2 recently again after playing countless Doom wads and it made me realize how dated Half-life 2 combat really is. Doom's gameplay in the other hand is still fun. To me Deus Ex Human Revolution is overrated. It's just fine. There is a lot of clunky animations and just a general lack of polish. Boss fights sucked(they later changed it), compared to other games of that era it did not have that many original ideas to rate it that highly. I dig the multiple paths, the retro punk vibe and conversation paths though. Enemy AI and stealth is just clunky and weird though.
  14. I take every hope back. It's going to be shit.
  15. I'm hoping the writer or director is at least a fan of the original game. So far it seems this is going to be inspired by the 2016 game, which would make sense since that game was pretty damn mainstream that year. Also Tomb Raider did that with their new movie and that wasn't a complete shit like these things usually end up as. Still it's not going to be very original I imagine. What I'm hoping: GOOD METAL MUSIC All the movie being in first person view. If people can make fucking shakycam foundfootage crap in first person view, then certainly this isn't that far of a concept right ? (Only movie I've seen done like this is Maniac, which is about a serial killer played by Elijah Wood.) Focus on the actual fight scenes, not the plot. Maybe some background mystery is ok, but not some lets cut to 12 different characters and storylines bs. No secondary characters would be fine too, like a last man on earth/mars/hell type situation, but I guess if that actress already has a part... Focus on the survival aspect, but have the main character become more powerful as the movie goes on. So at the end there is some badass fight with whatever demon/main antagonist Original enemies, new weapons, gadgets. Probably going to be a lot of fan service'y crap. Already expecting a cyberdemon or mommy spider at the end. At least new enemy abilities would be nice. Something you can't do in the games Enemies infighting and the main character using it to their advantage.
  16. pulkmees

    What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    Only going by a vague idea of vanillaish gameplay Doom The Way ID Did Doom 2 The Way ID Did Doom The Way ID Did: The Lost Episodes Double Impact No End in Sight Dawn of the Dead No Sleep for the Dead The Classic Episode The Classic Episode 2 The 2 Romero Maps from 2015 Alpha Accident: Terra Nova Really old vanilla Memento Mori Memento Mori 2 Loads more of course. Not a huge fan of the really old ones though.
  17. I feel like this has enough effort in it for people to pay for it.
  18. pulkmees

    Where does Episode 2 take place?

    Hmm, shit, I actually knew this but forgot about it. Although it's still a bit too flat for my liking. I guess it being only the base area would make more sense, but I guess they went with whatever looked cooler.
  19. pulkmees

    Where does Episode 2 take place?

    It still bothers me that Deimos doesn't look spherical like a moon, but a floating island. EDIT: Yes, I'm dumb. I forgot. It's still more spherical than in the picture though.
  20. Yeah, I can't even imagine making maps without DB or GZDBuilder. But then again making maps without them makes you concentrate on gameplay more I guess. Yeah, no, I'd still have to fidget around different elevations and more complex rooms for it to be at least iwad level. Damn, Romero and Petersen had some talent, skill and experience to make maps like that in 6 months, less for Petersen even. I guess those NeXT computers also helped.
  21. pulkmees

    My horrible WAD

    Mkay. Don't really want to poke around much more. Not a psychiatrist.
  22. pulkmees

    My horrible WAD

    It's more to do with the other things you've said about yourself - a thread about what comes after death etc, that's what's disconcerting. I mean I don't know what these Columbine shooters exactly thought about before committing those acts of violence, but I can guess they were very resentful of the world. Anyone can become resentful, then a couple more steps and you just want to destroy something innocent.
  23. I remember making a small hangar and how it took me ages to make it work in an outside area with sky. I didn't bother to read about the logic of how sectors are made exactly, I just wanted to try it myself, words would have just made it more complicated for me. I do remember being very happy when I got it working. Started imagining the whole map, made a small sketch even.
  24. pulkmees

    The downward sprial (WAD)

    Got some more advice for you. That's just what I'd do. You don't have to follow it. First take the song and turn it into a story. Well it kind of already is a story, but it should be a summary of the whole album I guess. Then you have to decide if you make the gameplay stand out or the story stand out. Basically if it's an actual challenge or something more of world you just wander into. In the later case, the atmosphere is really important. Also it's probably advisable to try to make it original, it's gonna be your interpretation of it. That's more difficult obviously. Or you try to convert the actual song beats into a map, then it basically has to be an Audiosurf level, but with doom enemies as the lows and highs. I don't know if that makes sense. Or if you just want a good map with just the album playing in the background, that's also an option. Also I recommended this to you in another thread, but go look up Jordan Peterson videos on youtube, search for shadow self, chaos and order, maybe that helps something. This guy is no joke, he is a psychology professor.
  25. pulkmees

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Yeah, I think a lot of people think of scary as in it frightens you for a sec. But the actual scary part is..if you haven't played it, you don't know the maps, where the monsters are or what kind of monsters there are. That's a lot of unknowns. Then there's the dark lighting, the pixelated sprites to jolt your imagination. You have to go through all that and not die to the tune of that horrific sound effect. If you've gone through life and conquered some parts of the unknown already, this of course wouldn't frighten you.