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  1. pulkmees

    What do you think comes after death?

    I'm siding with Carl Jung's thoughts on death. That's because that guy had a pretty damn high IQ and he could see some patterns we couldn't. Had to post this here. The actual interview is longer, it's on youtube, but it's very hard to hear what he is actually saying. Someone fortunately made a transcript. Interviewer: I remember that you said that death is psychologically just as important as birth and like it, is an integral part of life. But surely it can't be like birth if it is an end, can it? Carl Jung: Yes, if it's an end. And there we are not quite certain about this end. Because you know there are these peculiar faculties of the psyche that isn't entirely confined to space and time. You can have dreams or visions of the future. You can see around corners and such things. Only ignorants deny these facts. It is evident that they do exist and have existed always. Now these facts show that the psyche, in part at least, is not dependent upon these confinements. And then what? When the psyche is not under that obligation to live in time and space alone and obviously it doesn't, then to that extent the psyche is not submitted to those laws. And that means a practical continuation of life of a sort of psychical existence beyond time and space. Again I advice you to read the whole thing when you visit the video. I have kind of taken this out of context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOxlZm2AU4o Also, SayWhatOneMoreTime, you seem to feel a bit blue. Maybe watching The Eric Andre Show helps. It's fucking hilarious. Or watch videos from Jordan Peterson on youtube, although that might actually have the opposite effect, he's quite the hard truth teller.
  2. pulkmees

    Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    I feel like I'm currently working on that dream project and that I have to abandon it soon. Fortunately I don't plan on making long maps, just a lot of new textures and it's just 9 maps. It's hard to even make 1 good map though.
  3. If it's an obvious sudden ambush trap, yes I always run(unless it's only zombiemen) to a safer spot. Mostly it depends on how the trap/situation is designed by the map maker though and if it's my first time playing through it I'm extra careful.
  4. Didn't Romero just design as he went along, designing everything from the start point ? I think I heard that in an interview with him. He is known to have photographic memory though, so that might have helped him. The others did it the Tabletop way I think. I myself make a broad outline of the map, never a intricate layout, no way to know how much of that actually works when I add enemies + a billion other issues might come up. The pacing issue is more related to testing the level many times over by yourself and others. I'm guessing many people don't have the luxury of having so many people to playtest it. Then there's the quality of the feedback too.
  5. pulkmees

    Doom movie thoughts?

    I said it in another thread a while back, but if they made a new movie it should have attitude of Thor Ragnarok. As for this movie, yeah it's crap. Except the first person part, but not because it's first person, but because in comparison to the rest of the movie it's at least original and truer to the game. Also they drew inspiration heavily from Doom 3, which is not most doomiest of Dooms, but I guess they weren't even trying to do anything groundbreaking with this movie from the start. They kind of knew they were making a B movie, so it's not so intolerable.
  6. pulkmees

    Yet another 90s inspired shooter

    Not sure what to say about this if it's still in alpha. I have pretty high standards for everything. How high are your aspirations ? Are you trying to surpass Doom and Quake ? If so this needs to have gameplay as good as Doom as a minimum. Otherwise I can just play a good Doom mappack. If the gameplay is ok, then it still needs some kind of a new mechanic(which is not also just a gimmick) not seen in retro shooters before. Not just killing monsters is not gonna cut it. Ok maybe it will, but I'm guessing these 90s shooters will turn up more often these days. There still hasn't been a really good memorable one though.(like Super Meat Boy or Braid was to platformers) As for the test video in the OP... the demonic/cult/blood thing is kind of overdone I think. It's definitely nostalgic, but doesn't set it THAT far apart from the classics. Granted it was just a test. I don't know what you have planned.
  7. pulkmees

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Depending on your age I think people did find it scary, but not in the jumpscare way, but rather it's a frightening game to play. All those people, who used cheatcodes to play didn't do it for no reason, they were scared to die in this game(like me). Depending on age of course or sensitivity.
  8. Yup, symmetry makes it predictable. Sometimes you need predictability, but only in tiny amounts.
  9. Hell on Earth Starter pack comes to mind. Dark Encounters as well maybe.
  10. pulkmees

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    I agree Dead Zone is pretty damn good.
  11. pulkmees

    Doom monster inequality

    Glad I'm not the only one, who hates archvile and revenant overuse.(just to be clear I like them used pretty much as sparingly as in Doom 2, but with the archvile sometimes(rarely) used in his more annoying mode of resurrecting dead enemies behind a decent size bunch(not horde) of enemies. My thoughts are that it's the placement and ammo availability that matters. No End in Sight is a good example of this. Only Doom 1 monsters, but the encounters are still hard and exciting.
  12. I'm fine with a story in games as long as it's not in the forefront of the game. With Doom the story is kind of a cliche(imo), but it's completely overshadowed by the very addictive gameplay so you don't care. As for the setting, that's a whole different subject. I think they went a bit too abstract with some of the ideas here and there(Doom 2), but there were limitations back then too, so that kind of excuses that. If it's an actually good story worth telling, it gets a bit more complicated, but I'd still rather find the clues by myself and at my own pace than being forced to watch something. Sometimes I don't even mind the linearity, if EVERYTHING is well done . It really needs to mix well with gameplay though. That's why I like Portal 2 and Half Life 2 a lot, although in recent years I've noticed that I've started to kind of dislike the Half Life 2 story more and more. I've seen too many good stories in good movies.
  13. pulkmees

    Which should I get?

    GZDoom for the most up to date effects, etc, options PRBoom+ for the vanilla gameplay feel, but without limits Chocolate Doom for the very vanilla experience. Aand just in case Zandronum for the fuck of it. It's an alternative to PRBoom+. EDIT: Just remembered I got it because I needed to play something in multiplayer.
  14. I went with the Imp. SS Soldier is a human, but still a goddamn nazi.
  15. pulkmees

    Thor: Ragnarok tribute to Doom?

    Makes sense, they really like Doom down there in New Zealand. Also it's the same actor, who played in the (crappy) Doom movie. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking if someone was to make a Doom movie again it would have to have this kind of vibe to it. Over the top, against all odds with metal music playing.
  16. I sometimes call Cacodemons tomatoes because of BigMacDavis. I'm sure people have called them that before though.
  17. pulkmees

    About accurate?

    I replayed Barrels O'Fun just now. The Pain Elemental room is the shittest move of the map, just 2 would have been ok, but Petersen reserved that for HMP difficulty, 6 is pretty annoying though. Punching out Demons is fun. Running by barrels is fun. Fighting the Spider Mastermind is fun since there's plenty of rockets, but you can also let the Arachnotrons infight, which saves ammo for the Archviles. The Chaingunners in the main room are bit a dick move. Most the shitty parts are REALLY shitty on the first playthrough especially. When I first played it, I was 8 or 9 and I used cheat codes. Out of all the maps in Doom2 this was the most memorable for me, only because of the barrels. Now couple years back I played through the whole game as intended, but it was a continuous playthrough. This map is still pretty easy with enough chaingun and plasma ammo. The Pistol start is still a bitch though. Visually I only like the starting area. Don't really like the Spider Cave and the archvile cave/area, just too bland.
  18. pulkmees


    Pretty good Episode 3 for Doom. It's dated in parts for sure, definitely worth a playthrough though. Loads of eyecandy and decent gameplay here. E3M1 - no monsters, just cool looking hell rooms. I like the concept. What bothers me though is that they are all separate ideas, just rooms with cool looking structures/concepts. There needs to be something that ties everything together more. That would have probably made it even harder to do in 98' though. E3M2 - Not really memorable, weird ideas here and there just to make it cool. Once you pass a certain white door there is no going back. Can't get those secrets or enemies you missed. End room is kind of a brown 90s mess, not really appealing to me. E3M3 - As mentioned before ammo is pretty scarce in this map. Loads of cramped spaces. Hard to even tell where you have to go. Not a fan of this map. E3M4 - Second best map in this wad. Huge exploration map. Reminds me of The Citadel from Doom 2, but larger, more epic. Ammo is scarce is the beginning though. E3M5 - Pretty linear level, that gives you the impression of exploration though. Best in the wad for me. E3M6 - Exploration level. It's like a mix between M3 and M5. Parts are linear, some parts pretty cramped. One of the best in the wad though. E3M7 - Another ammo scarce level if you're playing from pistol start. Starting area is really annoying with some optional shotgunner "traps". Not a fan of the fake 3d staircases either. This map has a lot of weird scenery as well, which is kind of cool. Second least favourite map. E3M8 - E3M3 ver 2.0 - Ammo is not as scarce, but there are a lot of cramped spaces, lava floors, mixed bag for me End fight is kind of memorable - you can watch Barons and Spider Mastermind fight. E3M9 - Kind of a mixed bag as well. The huge lava river is cool. Caco fight in the dark with huge amount of space - not really that exciting. Rocket launcher is almost hidden in a weird place. Might even have trouble killing the ending caco swarm. I definitely like the start of the map more.
  19. Well just so everything is covered... After the 4 Iwads people would maybe like these. Doom The Way ID Did and Doom 2 The Way ID Did. Also Dawn of the Dead, No Sleep for the Dead, The Classic Episode, Double Impact, No End in Sight Toot, toot !
  20. I think the OP's question is a bit misleading too. Which WADs would you have people play through to get them into Doom? I mean obviously play Doom. Because that's what gets you into Doom. But what I'm guessing is people will play the most popular thing first. And what mod has been in the news all the time ?
  21. Yeah, I think the challenging bit is a bit too challenging. Like no room for error challenging. Also I'm not willing to assume ID would have added THAT MANY enemies in Doom if they didn't have the restrictions they had. I'm basing my opinion on what ID did after Doom and those new Romero maps couple years back. You could be right though, but those restrictions did define how Doom is remembered.
  22. Seriously doubting people, who suggest Counterattack, Miasma etc to get into doom. Anything even REMOTELY slaughterish is gonna put people off. Original Doom was never that insane with monster placement. I feel like it's a completely different game people are playing in all these slaughterwads and they kind of get judged as better than vanilla gameplay wads(maybe, idk just a feeling) To answer the question though, I'd say Brutal Doom just because the Hell on Earth Starter Pack has some really good maps in it. Also it's not, you know, very hard, but also not easy too if you haven't played a doom game before or even if you've gone back to playing doom all these years.
  23. pulkmees

    Classic, WASD+mouse, or other?

    Chocolate Doom - arrow keys(with left and right keys rebound to strafe left/right + ctrl Prboom+ - wasd + mouse(with vertical aiming disabled) GZDoom - wasd + mouse
  24. pulkmees

    Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    Are there atmospheric maps, that have few enemies or none at all ? I know an old one from a Chris Lutz Doom 1 Inferno episode(first map). Also No End in Sight's Episode 3's first map, also most of Episode 4 is pretty atmospheric, but it's also full of hard gameplay. Brutal Doom's Hell on Earth Starter Pack's all hell levels, especially Sacrificial Grounds.