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  1. pulkmees

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I just got done playing some doom 1 wads. I've ragequit many times already. Can't be overstated how much is sucks, that imps don't die to 1 shotgun blast every time. 3 fucking times I had to shoot an imp once....aaaaargh. Also cacodemons munching on your face while they are in the ceiling or below you, because you know infinitely tall...
  2. pulkmees


    Pretty damn good Hell episode for Doom. Difficulty is kind of all over the place though, no real progression of it, but maybe that wasn't the intention. Maps I liked: E3M2(shorter more fun Erebus tribute), E3M3(Pandemonium tribute, good gameplay), E3M5(good gameplay, a bit too easy with bfg though), E3M7(good gameplay, has the best fights in it, although I'd have put less shotgun/baron fights in it) and E3M6(it's way too easy if you like to hunt down secrets). E3M1 was kind of weird, not really memorable. E3M4 was kind of hard, but in a bad way, loads of places to get stuck on, while the cacos munch your face off, I just might have been unlucky though. E3M9 - I suppose it's a mix of styles, did not like the ending though, too overdone. E3M8 - Kind of meh, not very memorable. Overall these maps are definitely worth the play, had fun. 4/5 stars.
  3. pulkmees

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    Hmm, I actually don't mind The Factory being that abstract. I like the atmosphere in that level, although the ending is a grind. Downtown and Suburbs are bigger offenders to me. I especially hate the ending of Suburbs being some boxes, no way of knowing anything important is there.
  4. pulkmees


    Decent for a first map I guess. Would not give this a super high rating though. Let's bring this down to earth. This is someone teaching himself how to map. It's linear, it's got obvious ambushes, not much detail and most of it full of boxrooms - which is all to be expected.
  5. pulkmees

    GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    This is a pretty good map for 1994. A linear Shotgun/Plasma Rifle extravaganza, that keeps it interesting by letting you feel your speed. Favourite part was the traintrack hub fight. Music is weird, but fitting for the gameplay tempo. There are some odd texture choices, but in a map like this you don't care about that.
  6. pulkmees

    Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)

    A very 1994 wad indeed. It's got some good moments, like searching for ammo in a maze to kill a Baron, but most of the time is spent in brown rectangular rooms(first 2 maps are a prime example) or brown symmetrical rooms. Maps are not very long, an hour or 2 to complete all of them. Definitely not on the same level as IWADs, but that is to be expected. Kind of makes me appreciate how ID even managed to make maps as good as they were in the game.
  7. pulkmees


    This is definitely a very 1994 wad. Good for its time, I guess. Not on par with IWADS though. Gameplay Difficulty is easy(UV), but there are some cheap moments like Spectres in the dark and an elevator lowering while you get shot at. Most common enemies are Shotgunners and Pinkies(going by feeling here) with loads of imps there too of course. Cacodemons and a few Barons are the less frequent ones here. Layout is mostly original, except the maze part from E1M4. Map length is moderate with key hunting/backtracking. Secrets are not hard to find, but not easy to notice since they are behind normal looking wall textures. In fact even the normal passages are hard to find because of that. Keys are also located in not very intuitive places for my liking. Visual side Textures are mostly techbase with cobblestone flats(weird)with the starting area being made of Hell marble. Quality is pretty all over the place or very 1994 as anyone would agree - mostly just shaped rooms with enemies inside. The most complex room has a bridge with lowering/raising platforms with imps on either side. Verdict 3/5. The year this was made in says it all. Definitely worth it to play for historic value, but hugely dated by today's standards.
  8. pulkmees

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    What the hell ? Sandy worked on Age of Empires ? All of them.(just reading up on the wiki). How on earth did I miss that ? Literally the 2 games I played back then. This is as big as finding out one of the Casali brothers worked on the Half-Life series. EDIT: I'd rather have a 100% Romero Episode 2. Or actually if any of them made maps for Doom again I'd play them, but Romero actually has done it.
  9. pulkmees

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    Both games have levels that just make me exit the game, but for both games it's usually around the 8th map, that I quit. Maybe it's to do with pacing. Don't like long maps with loads of enemies in them and when it's too abstract to even recognize what it's suppose to be I quit. Doom 2 has more of these maps I think. Or maybe I don't like The Pit that much. Also Doom 2 has a lot of metal/brown maps that are not as interesting to look at. I definitely like Doom 1 Ep1 the most and I played that much later in life(first doom for me was Doom 2). The maps are just more playtested I feel like(also Romero).
  10. I haven't played it, but based of Gggmanlives reviews, the first episode IS kinda mediocre in terms of level design. Second episode is better. Only 1 guy making the whole thing as well. This makes it seem like reviewing a doom/quake total conversion. I'd say Dusk is definitely better than Strafe. Not a huge fan of quake style graphics myself, Doom guy myself, just like them more cute. Dusk def has a more quake feel to them, since the enemies are bulky like in..quake or half-life. Gameplay seems to be good, thats what matters.
  11. pulkmees

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Back to talking about Brutal Doom, it's starting to resemble HL2's Cinematic Mod, which added among other things loads of clutter to maps making you get stuck on it. BD has signs they are going for that already: random barrels with goodies inside, cars, garbage piles. I'm aware it's all optional and you can't really get stuck on them that much, but still. Also all those gameplay changes are starting to irk me since I'm use to it by now. I was already pretty happy with ver20, imp's bounce attack still pisses me off though. Now pinkies are fast and jumpy, weapons balance changed, guns handle differently. I really like the new pistol and rifle tho, wish ONLY those were in ver20. By the way, how are people suppose to give feedback about Brutal Doom anyway these days. ModDB is just for releasing, people do comment there, but I don't think no one from the mod developer(s?) ever even reads those. He's banned from Zdoom. There are no BD threads here, except this one. Where's the homepage, landing, idk, forum? Does he/they even care what changes they make ? I really don't want him to mess with the gameplay as much as he does in the latest build.
  12. pulkmees

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I'm guessing since the mod became popular, the people who don't usually care about being credited, suddenly started caring. He is not exactly the quiet type online as well, some shit was said by both parties. Then people, who just like to get outraged got involved. is there some objective account of what actually happened ?
  13. pulkmees

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Ugh, the amount of condescending people is just too damn high. The more condescending you are the more you piss him off.
  14. Any ending that undercuts everything previous to that like dream, fake plot, elaborate hoax.
  15. pulkmees

    Should 90's Style FPS Games Be Exactly Like The 90's?

    I think they definitely shouldn't be trying to emulate all limitations of the 90s games. The visual side should be the main throwback and even then it should be stylized. I mean when I look at Doom skyboxes I see them trying their best to make it look like a realistic sky. I'd rather have a stylized sky, because that's more pure and deliberate. Minecraft does this well. As for gameplay....whatever new idea/thing you have that is fun - put it in the game. Let it take advantage of the modern computing power. Animation quality low ? Put more frames in there. What HAS to be the same is the core mechanic - if it's shooting, then don't go inventing the wheel. It's got to have the same satisfying effect like doom does.
  16. I should visit this more often. Did not think the developers would post here any more. What gameplay aspects did you like? The core mechanic of shooting enemies is good. You have to shoot them fast enough as to stun them. Might seem like grinding, but The rifle plays and sounds very powerful. Very satisfying to get kills with that. And I like the encounters where you have kill the enemies, who wield the rifle. The length of the levels did not bother me. I liked the ones that were straightforward and the ones that were meant to be explored with the notable exceptions being Op Eizenmann and Op. Ausbruch. What gameplay aspects where frustrating? Boss encounters are a bit... weird. Their pathfinding is not very smart (or maybe you just restricted what sectors they can cross as this is doom) I realize that's like a core disadvantage of the enemy AI in these games. The zombie nazis, who shoot are annoying. Can't avoid being shot. Same with their boss variants Enemy "pathfinding" or I guess placement is pretty terrible on Op. Exodus(the part where you take a lift to a floor above you. The enemies just gather in a herd next to the closest wall, but they won't get to you. Sometimes tree leaves or etc block your shots. Sometimes you can't tell if the enemies can shoot through the foliage or not. The whole bombing of the beach sequence is too random for my taste even with all the health there. And you can't shoot through some of the tank barriers, which forces you to shoot the enemies at close encounters, which takes a huge chunk of hp away. 20 minutes in the Eizenmann mission is not a lot of time. Also that level should be more straight forward. The secret with the minigun or machine gun is kind of meh(imagination wise). Would've also expected to see that in other levels. Most of the stuff in the shop is useless. I've used backpack, which also should show you how much more capacity it gives or if you can buy it or what effect it specifically adds.(Maybe I'm stupid, do I have to buy it once or every time a new mission starts?). Most of my money goes to vitality, if left over, that goes to portable hp, 1 time mine detector. The adrenaline thing felt pointless to me( but also it slows my computer down even further. I've never bought hp or armor, but then again I've played fps games before. I'm decent at aiming and reacting. Why does the mg42 nest explode ? Looks and sound weird. What would you like to see in an improved version of chapter 1 and 2? The first mission in Ep1 still feels kind of hard for me. There shouldn't be riflemen on the roofs or something, maybe ammo shortage. Something is off, idk. Skippable mission briefings... Highly unlikely but optimization of the church level ? Framerate is shit when the tanks show up and also every time I watch the river. GFX are already lowest possible and I DO have an old computer, but.. idk. if possible I'd want the option to turn something off that screws my cpu over. Secret paths to kill the mg nests in the foliage in Op. Overlord. Option to go through the harbor stealth mission(where you have to use a disguise) with guns blazing. I realize you can, but they won't drop bullets. What would you like to see in an all new chapter 3? Shotgunners ? :D What will most likely make you use cheats or the console commands because of that? Not finding secrets - only reason I've used cheats.
  17. Going for a second playthrough. Everything is great, except a part in the Normandy mission, specifically where you have run along a beach, which is getting bombarded. Is there some kind of a pattern to that ? It's very luck based if not. Manages to piss me off every time I get to that part. Also in chapter 2, there's a level with a church(and a ton of buildings). In the church there is a secret, which I think is made from a wrong sector. The sector that tags as a secret is a very small nook with 2 barrels. If intended as such, players will never think to shoot those barrels and tag the sector. In chapter 1, the Paris mission, I have yet to find secret nr 3. Even watched a playthrough on yt. That guy did not find it either. Chapter 2, end mission, end part where you have to jump on ledges and stuff, the final switch that opens the area with the boss guy and some soldiers, that did not open for me. Any idea what could cause this ? I used noclip to get past it. Otherwise very very very very good mod. Best I've played since Black Mesa.
  18. Playing this right now...seems good so far. Very atmospheric.
  19. Playing through the maps and noticing a lot of cool new textures(rearranged from old ones, but still good). Are they from the original TNT or what's the deal? Any chance of a wad with only the new textures being released for others to use maybe ? Or maybe they are already uploaded somewhere ?
  20. pulkmees

    Moonblood Megawad

    Ah tnx, got through it(did not know I could cross the ledge, it seemed higher). EDIT: Had a wall of text here about a possible bug, turned out it wasnt.
  21. pulkmees

    Moonblood Megawad

    This is a very good megawad. Good gameplay, although I get extremely frustrated with revenant and cacodemon traps. Also a question regarding map 32.
  22. When was the first time you ever played Doom? 1999 or 2000 Which version? Doom 2 What do you remember from your first playthroughs? Map 01. A friend's dad was setting the game up, he played it untill The Gantlet and then I got to play it from the start. How did you feel at that time? compared to how you feel nowadays playing it At the time I played with cheats on, so I played just to see all the enemies and levels. I also got lost a lot. Especially in the Suburbs level. Half an hour spent searching for the exit and then I finally found those black boxes in the corner. I also felt like the level designers deliberately tried to trap me. Nowdays I actually got to play all of them as they were intended. There's a lot of iwads to go through.
  23. I cheated through all of doom 2. It was just too scary. One day I did do map 1 without cheats and map 7 without god mode and I was damn proud of that. I think I was 10 or 11. Some years after I played through the other dooms with cheats. TNT Evilution's last map killed me even with god mode on. I was so damn scared after that. Last year I played through everything: Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom The Way Id Did It, Doom 2 The Way Id Did It, The Classic Episodes, Scythe, Plutonia 2, Romero's new maps and of course Brutal Doom with Hell on Earth Starter Pack. Never knew how fun the gameplay was till that point.