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File Reviews posted by pulkmees

  1. Second level of the unfinished project Invasion and it's an improvement...in parts. Gameplay is mostly the same, but there's more custom textures and a pretty damn impressive hell section/setpiece. Everything is also more polished.

    There's still a lot of tunnels and lifts, which does get tedious. Rocket Launcher is hard to find(in fact if you're thinking of playing this, it's in the tunnels in a secret compartment, and even with that info you need to look for it for quite a while).

    The map has great atmosphere though. It definitely looks like a spaceship. Ammo placement is different(from the prequel map). If you run out you have to remember where the armory is or where you left that most recent ammo pile.

    If you played the previous map, you should play this too. Compared to most 1994 levels it's pretty damn impressive how much detail and decent gameplay is in this.

  2. This is...a spaceship map made in 1994. And it IS well made for 1994, but it does have dated elements in it. There's a central area with a teleport ambush. Then there's loads of rectangular rooms with shotgunners and then there are the cramped vents/tech tunnels with loads of imps with lifts in between them.

        There's also a big flaw in the map. IF you get to a certain big room without the red key, you're stuck. There are also a couple of crusher traps, that require some fast thinking. Ammo is plenty. I would still recommend playing this just to see what 1994 were like.

  3. Pretty good wad if you like symmetry and visually striking architecture. Gameplay also has a symmetrical element to it, that might put some people off, but the visuals kind of make the whole experience ok. As a result of the symmetry the navigation is also easy.


    Most frequent fight setpiece is a door, that needs 2 switches to be flipped. Of course enemies appear, teleport or guard it, usually a symmetrical set on either side. A common end enemy is the archvile, which might get repetitive/boring/annoying to fight depending who you are(the last 2 maps managed to annoy me)


    There are a couple cheap trap maps, but not too many. The best maps are in the hell section as this is where they went nuts with the architecture and visuals. A major thing I disliked however was the secrets as most were behind a very very slightly misaligned wall texture. Not going to even bother humping every wall. Some were also accessible only once. The secret levels were also strangely enjoyable and/or weird.


    Difficulty is just right, no slaughter combat(if that is a detriment to someone) in sight. Maps are pretty balanced for pistol start, although some maps get tricky and you'll probably need to find the secrets for ammo.


    Altogether I can definitely recommend this wad, might be a bit too mechanical, but it's all very polished and solid for what it's offering.

  4. 5 years


    Very enjoyable 3 map wad, that manages to have a consistent theme throughout. Not too easy, not too hard. It has some good surprises. It's more detailed than an average doom map, but that adds to the atmosphere. Gameplay has some chaotic moments as the ammo is tight, but that means finding it is that much more rewarding. Low enemy count, but they are well placed as to keep you moving. The size of the maps is just right, each map has a definite idea, that doesn't get expanded too much as to get confusing. 5 stars just to get the rating up. 4/5 maybe if you start nitpicking on the chaotic nature of the fights.

  5. Inferno


    Pretty good Episode 3 for Doom. It's dated in parts for sure, definitely worth a playthrough though. Loads of eyecandy and decent gameplay here.

    E3M1 - no monsters, just cool looking hell rooms. I like the concept. What bothers me though is that they are all separate ideas, just rooms with cool looking structures/concepts. There needs to be something that ties everything together more. That would have probably made it even harder to do in 98' though.

    E3M2 - Not really memorable, weird ideas here and there just to make it cool. Once you pass a certain white door there is no going back. Can't get those secrets or enemies you missed. End room is kind of a brown 90s mess, not really appealing to me.

    E3M3 - As mentioned before ammo is pretty scarce in this map. Loads of cramped spaces. Hard to even tell where you have to go. Not a fan of this map.

    E3M4 - Second best map in this wad. Huge exploration map. Reminds me of The Citadel from Doom 2, but larger, more epic. Ammo is scarce is the beginning though.

    E3M5 - Pretty linear level, that gives you the impression of exploration though. Best in the wad for me.

    E3M6 - Exploration level. It's like a mix between M3 and M5. Parts are linear, some parts pretty cramped. One of the best in the wad though.

    E3M7 - Another ammo scarce level if you're playing from pistol start. Starting area is really annoying with some optional shotgunner "traps". Not a fan of the fake 3d staircases either. This map has a lot of weird scenery as well, which is kind of cool. Second least favourite map.

    E3M8 - E3M3 ver 2.0 - Ammo is not as scarce, but there are a lot of cramped spaces, lava floors, mixed bag for me

    End fight is kind of memorable - you can watch Barons and Spider Mastermind fight.

    E3M9 - Kind of a mixed bag as well. The huge lava river is cool. Caco fight in the dark with huge amount of space - not really that exciting. Rocket launcher is almost hidden in a weird place. Might even have trouble killing the ending caco swarm. I definitely like the start of the map more.

  6. Incineration


    Pretty damn good Hell episode for Doom. Difficulty is kind of all over the place though, no real progression of it, but maybe that wasn't the intention.

    Maps I liked: E3M2(shorter more fun Erebus tribute), E3M3(Pandemonium tribute, good gameplay), E3M5(good gameplay, a bit too easy with bfg though), E3M7(good gameplay, has the best fights in it, although I'd have put less shotgun/baron fights in it) and E3M6(it's way too easy if you like to hunt down secrets). E3M1 was kind of weird, not really memorable. E3M4 was kind of hard, but in a bad way, loads of places to get stuck on, while the cacos munch your face off, I just might have been unlucky though. E3M9 - I suppose it's a mix of styles, did not like the ending though, too overdone. E3M8 - Kind of meh, not very memorable. Overall these maps are definitely worth the play, had fun. 4/5 stars.

  7. JNNHangar


    Decent for a first map I guess. Would not give this a super high rating though. Let's bring this down to earth. This is someone teaching himself how to map. It's linear, it's got obvious ambushes, not much detail and most of it full of boxrooms - which is all to be expected.

  8. This is a pretty good map for 1994. A linear Shotgun/Plasma Rifle extravaganza, that keeps it interesting by letting you feel your speed. Favourite part was the traintrack hub fight. Music is weird, but fitting for the gameplay tempo. There are some odd texture choices, but in a map like this you don't care about that.

  9. A very 1994 wad indeed. It's got some good moments, like searching for ammo in a maze to kill a Baron, but most of the time is spent in brown rectangular rooms(first 2 maps are a prime example) or brown symmetrical rooms. Maps are not very long, an hour or 2 to complete all of them. Definitely not on the same level as IWADs, but that is to be expected. Kind of makes me appreciate how ID even managed to make maps as good as they were in the game.

  10. cortyr_b.zip


    This is definitely a very 1994 wad. Good for its time, I guess. Not on par with IWADS though.


    Difficulty is easy(UV), but there are some cheap moments like Spectres in the dark and an elevator lowering while you get shot at. Most common enemies are Shotgunners and Pinkies(going by feeling here) with loads of imps there too of course. Cacodemons and a few Barons are the less frequent ones here.

    Layout is mostly original, except the maze part from E1M4. Map length is moderate with key hunting/backtracking.

    Secrets are not hard to find, but not easy to notice since they are behind normal looking wall textures. In fact even the normal passages are hard to find because of that. Keys are also located in not very intuitive places for my liking.

    Visual side

    Textures are mostly techbase with cobblestone flats(weird)with the starting area being made of Hell marble. Quality is pretty all over the place or very 1994 as anyone would agree - mostly just shaped rooms with enemies inside. The most complex room has a bridge with lowering/raising platforms with imps on either side.


    3/5. The year this was made in says it all. Definitely worth it to play for historic value, but hugely dated by today's standards.