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  1. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    No problem, i know that it doesn't match the ambience all that perfect but it is a religion to me to keep the informative textures unchanged, keydoor textures as well switches you will see that i never change in my maps that way nobody have to get used to new visuals for those and get lost or overlook them, i sometimes add new effects to improve those but still makes sure that the classic thing will appear yet. It is a custom pack i made back in 2008, i ripped the Doom 3's Alpha Labs and few other textures on my own by the age and applied their normalmap in photoshop as a simple greyscale overlay image over them and the specular map i applied as screen, the other textures comes from the Too Much Brown texture pack from Realm667. EDIT: Except the Hextile, that texture i made on my own to give that refelctive look through alpha.
  2. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working again in Main UAC Hangar, this thing was halted for like 6 months because i was busy with my main mod:
  3. Zanieon

    Make Doom community better and bigger

    Certainly not half of the community and we don't know for sure, they never really manifest themselves directly and just tend to ignore wads of the type instead by judging it is already shit if it is not compatible with PrBoom+ at least without playing. Well as some example, the map i made with the visual style of The Shores of Hell techbases got pretty much ignored here, now i dunno if it was the use of UDMF and requiring GZDoom to run, being my first attempt at limited patterns to not go too much beyond vanilla certainly the map have few issues but in its entirety it is not bad.
  4. Zanieon

    The chaingun spins:

    I am pretty sure it spins in the same direction this train travels:
  5. Zanieon

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. DM 2. DoM 3. DooM 4. DoooM 5. FTFY o/
  6. Alright here's the story, back in 2011 i made this map and wanted this to be the reboot of the old Doom Reinforced, my very first mod, which was messy and weird in everything but maps, with the Industron visual established i decided to start it again and drive its gameplay style towards Silent Hill mood, however my lack of ideas and design decisions for this map made me scrap it and since then, it was kept with me and only very old friends and never went public. But enough for me i feel as did to Doom Reinforced which i separed the maps from the shitty gameplay mod it was, this one is no different, i removed all the weird conceptual gameplay codes and stuff leaving only the map to show its beauty, anyway keep in mind that this stuff is from 2011 and it was from the early age of my coding, so you will find messy stuff there, i just fixed the few issues to run properly in newer GZDooms, but with the code simple as the actors in this map is, i think the engine's development will not break this map, anyway if it breaks i may update if the thing is not several. Screeshots: Download (28MB) You will not find monsters there, also no weapons but there's few items across the map which was there for the early gameplay which was meant to be some sort of Invasion map for Zandronum (Skulltag by the age it was made), you can enter in the Tactical Sekt building as well the small one behind it, all the rest is locked.
  7. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    Ah yeah i saw that you made the suggestion and thanks for doing it. About how to make a map like this, well, this is something on my own style as i have been saying, i call it "Industron", a fusion of the light stripes of Tron: Legacy with the Industrial detailing for the parts of the walls which doesn't have the lights. This map i was one of the first ones i made in this style so the trick i used here can be used for pretty much any map format, i just put a sector of 255 light in front of the white texture having only 4 pixels of distance from it, my most recent creations have been made in UDMF so i set the wall brightness directly in the linedef, dispensing the use of such sector to make it glow. Currently i have this map to finish which is also made in this style but the development is halted because i want to finish Hunter's Moon Version 2.9 to post it here and right behind it, i'll be posting this map as well because i will resume the development of it after releasing the next version of my main mod.
  8. Zanieon

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. Beginner 2. Warming Up for a challenge 3. Fair but not enough slaughter 4. "This is where the fun begins" 5.
  9. Zanieon

    What do you hate the most about mapping?

    The lack of ideas also hit me hard but i gave up the development of only 2 maps since i begun mapping, i get inspiration and ideas mostly from musics and movies or places where i go in real life so for me it is all a matter of time to i resume the progress in a certain map to look nice. After that i think my most problem with mapping is secret making, man, i'm the worst person to ever think in where to place secrets in a map, on that part, i assume i am dumb.
  10. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    ZDoom forums originally back in 2011, by the age people there was not all that tolerant in use Doom 3 resources or even the ripped models, the thread didn't went all that well and i decided to bury it, anyway the map didn't progress any more since then. Then i also did in Skulltag forums, but there it was also buried by the lack of interest everyone has in everything there, these days i just visit daily Zandronum forums but don't post often since the activity there is low and the most active thing there is the development section.
  11. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    These textures is always what i use to make maps in this visual type, though i'll have to ponder when i will create the chance to use this in a map pack without making the gameplay too expensive in exploring or too boring in just slaughtering. But thanks for the suggestions, i noticed that you guys don't want to see this wasted in gameplay terms, but it will take time to i have an opportunity to use this somewhere else.
  12. Zanieon

    What's your gameplay style?

    I always go Ultra-Violence and:
  13. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    Nah i pass, i've been always the guy with simplicity in code terms, if you check the stuff i did in Hunter's Moon, none of them are so complex, maybe the hardest thing i ever tried there was the movement code to make the player characters play the correct animations accordingly with their movement and probably the Vehicles as well, the rest is pretty easy ti understand even for beginners.
  14. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    Thanks for the suggestions guys but the map came straight from 2011, it stood with me for all over this 6 years without me having a single idea of what to do with it that could make it interesting in gameplay rather than "just another urban with basic gameplay of purging the demons". I have plans to make more Industron maps as this one, i already started one in case, it is progressing slow though due to i spending my time for now in release HM Version 2.9, but surely i will post it here when i have some progression, i have few ideas in mind to remake the small Doom Reinforced Mapset entirely in Industron instead of only 2 maps having it and all the rest staying in the age i was evolving my mapping skills, i do not discard the option of this map being integrated to it someday, but for now it will remain as is, just an empty city to stare the Tron detailing, unfortunately.
  15. Zanieon

    Wasn't there a tool that created an image of your map?

    @Bauul I noticed the italic sarcasm but well, it's me who are the newbie here, i need get a glimpse first of friendship bonds here, sometimes i forget that this is not the ZDoom or Zandronum forums where i am accostumated to talk to everyone already, also, i have posted 2 maps here already and there's more to come :P
  16. Zanieon

    Wasn't there a tool that created an image of your map?

    Well just a new environment for me here, you can see from my title, and i also forgot to look at your join date before saying so time will get me used to this. Still, it's a thing that like most of the people don't uses because there not much mappers using Slade as main tool for that, despite the editor being great anyway.
  17. Zanieon

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    -> Lost Souls charging at you when you are using Rocket Launcher. -> You dodge a imp fireball but it hits the barrel behind you. -> Maps that does this:
  18. Zanieon

    Wasn't there a tool that created an image of your map?

    He's being sarcastic, that feature exists in SLADE for quite a long time yet nobody uses it. EDIT: I do.
  19. Zanieon

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    @konamikode Thanks, i still have to post the Doom Reinforced Mapset here which some maps contains this visual style as well and are actually playable. @SArais Heh, as gm_Bigcity as well, this one can be used for testing stuff or make videos. @Dedalus 80 I know the feel, i mapped this thing in my old PC and by the time the only thing which kept me mapping this was the will to make a Tron-styled city in Doom, though GZDoom was running it at 15FPS too.
  20. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    The moment when you manage to make the game a legit bullet hell but in first person. ...or this can be a full Zandronum complex doom server any time, but in Heretic.
  21. Zanieon

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    SArais you really don't need bring nicknames from 4chan to here pls, anyway i don't feel i'm ready for this yet, time will tell when i will. BTW, i'm with scalliano: +1 for Waterlab GZD from Enjay.
  22. Zanieon

    UAC Vinur Prime Research Base

    @StormCatcher.77 Actually i have watched your demo, and have to say that i didn't expect to someone play to defensively the map like you did but it was the first time so makes sense since you know nothing about it at first run, a complete hostile place. Anyway i do have to say that the shortage of ammunition you say was something imaginary because i noticed that you pratically ignored Plasma Rifle most part of the time whereas it is a trivial gun in the map with the most amount of ammo for it IIRC when i placed the ammo. In the teleport section i expected the player to first press use in the Energy Hub door, i also noticed that the message that door gives when it is locked is what enlightened you in what to do to proceed from that infinite monster spawning, there's also the visual information in the previous teleporters, they are inoperative and their switches are off while the third one are full of chaos and with the switch locked on until you disable. And finally thanks for playing it! Also nice that it inspired you from continuing your map, in the future i plan to post my other maps from ZDoom Forums to here as well, get feedback from most people as possible is always good. Heh, it should remind of the tech base maps from The Shores of Hell Episode, but if it looks like Doom 16' to you okay then.
  23. Zanieon

    UAC Vinur Prime Research Base

    Well i guess this is the place for this map, this is my attempt to make a map inspired by the Techbase maps of The Shores of Hell from Ultimate Doom. This map is intended to be played only with the features the Source Ports has to offer by its own, jumping and crouching in case, it is compatible with any mod, difficulty adjusts the amount of monsters in crucial parts but don't affect items or ammo, it have one slaughterfest moment but it is not unfair at this point since the map will provide infinite supplies until the first half of that moment is completed, anyway most part of the time the map is fast-paced difficulty. This is also a GZDoom/QZDoom exclusive map since it uses UDMF features to work properly and it crosses the 32767 map units extension limit (so even Zandronum can't handle it atm), it contains certain non-linear gameplay, light ACS scripting and some objective making other than get keycards. Download (11MB) P.S: If you want it to play it on Software, i recommend play it in OpenGL simulating Software renderer then, because Skybox and outside fog will break in Software mode. P.S 2: If playing with a gameplay mod and you pick the Blue Keycard, clean the hangar from the horde spawned and the doors still doesn't open, please remove the mod then, because it is spawning the monsters in a wrong way and it is not keeping the TIDs on them.
  24. Registered few hours ago because i decided to stop lurking here, since i did not found a proper topic for new members introduction, so i guess i'll say Hello from here.

    1. esselfortium



      the Doom?

      in a more just world, we would all be most interested in The Doom

    2. Dragonfly


      LOL I intended to type "the new doom". Entertaining video btw :P

    3. Zanieon


      Thanks all.


      I've played all of "the Dooms" but i stick to Classic, i joined here because it is like the remaining international forum of Doom that i didn't register and since i make both maps and gameplay mods (well more of a TC tbh) i think here is perfectly fine for that too.

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