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  1. Zanieon

    Wad/mod trailers

    I have tried to make trailers for my mod in the past, the latest managed to have 2k views in a single week using the music + parts of some action happening, however the trailer had a buildup showing the maps only and finishes by showing bosses in their arenas. All in all, i can say that trailers like what Kinsie did to Metadoom is perfectly fine when it's a gameplay wad or a total conversion, when you are presenting just a level set it's better do the walkthrough format like the demos does.
  2. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That is the so ignored Light Tag field when you use a Door function, it is a nice effect indeed and i'm not sure why people didn't use it more often.
  3. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Dropping a like because that room in the shape of a butt :P
  4. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Anyone needs more cyberpunk? I finished this room just right now and i really hope to fucking finish this map this year.
  5. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Here's my homage to a game which is about to die and used to play alot: the statue is Gideon from Paragon which will shutdown on April 26, this character was my main there
  6. here's your glowy future maps



  7. Zanieon

    "Gold Standard" Slaughtermaps?

    Recently there are lot of people talking about Slaughterwads, not sure why as well as they exists for at least a decade now. And i can guess you're looking for SSG/Rocket Launcher tier of slaughtermaps? Well myself never liked too much the BFG tier ones as well, but i think you can try Hell Revealed 2, Necropia 2010 and Dark Tartarus they are all more reliant on infighting and SSG/RL to clean up the remaining monsters rather than just keep BFGing everyone.
  8. Zanieon


    idfiltered = Instantly apply every existent filtering algorithm to the textures and sprites no matter source port
  9. Zanieon

    Strange bug with UACVPRB map

    Ohh seems i mislooked this, well since grrfield responded already i'll just leave the note that if you are downloading GZDoom to play the map with Complex Doom, probably it is Complex Doom which will stop working then, because i remember it using native actors that only Zandronum have, so i'm not sure if the mix you want to play will be possible.
  10. The Yellow key is not currently present in the map, that Yellow Access door you see actually is the representation of a secret the old map had, it is a secret based more on memory of the player tbh, by now that the map is small you will remember that door, but in the old map due to them stay located right in the beginning of the map with the Yellow key being the last key picked up which leads to the exit, players usually forgets that door so i made it a secret in the old map due to that, it will be kinda the same case for this map, the door is there because that area is already mapped, but the place where the yellow key will appear isn't, so currently it is more a ignore this thing.
  11. 9830~9834 Latest GZDoom Builder versions shows them already when opening a map in GZDoom: Doom 2 UDMF configuration, not sure about SLADE and other editors.
  12. @DoodGuy Probably, this is not like Hunter's Moon maps with extremely huge architeture and open fields with terrain for the sake of lag, it is actually a lot more enclosed and smaller, so performance shouldn't be affected at all, it should play like UAC Vinur Prime Research Base in that terms but actually being reasonable in size. @grrfieldNo worries, i thought about that, many people actually uses Zandronum as an easy way to quick setup Doom for multiplayer. @StormCatcher.77 Unlike Akzos City that has zero gameplay, this one is actually functional, just short in gameplay time for now since ehh, it's a demo OFC.
  13. That's what i'm talking about, all those missing actors are actually dynamic lights, a new group of dynamic lights that currently exists only in GZDoom, the map is not compatible with Zandronum by feature standards.
  14. @grrfield currently Zandronum doesn't support attenuated dynamic lights, which this map is entirely based on, it has to be GZDoom 3.2 versions, and for missing textures, probably it's because you have loaded with Ultimate Doom i guess? I edited OP to specify IWAD as well, sorry for that then.
  15. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Megalyth That's exactly the intention, whenever i'm mapping this area i put Blade Runner or GITS Soundtrack to play, all sources of inspiration will also appear as holographic neons in this map as well.
  16. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Starting to make the cityscape with portals, at this point don't ask me how the fuck GZDoom is holding it at nice 40FPS on my machine, because i also don't know:
  17. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Okay got a boost with Ghost In The Shell 2017 OST: Shit i'll be away for the next 7 days and really wanted to work more on this now that i found more inspiration, guess i'll stop around here and resume when i come back.
  18. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Slow again at this, eh some progress was made at least:
  19. Zanieon

    What are you listening to?

    Discovered Blue Stahli past month, no regrets:
  20. Zanieon

    Will there ever be a decent 3D model pack?

    Problem is, no model pack specifically for monsters or weapons only will look good unless you change the entire conjunction of the game, a.k.a everything that is meant to look solid and they also need to emit proper lighting as well the maps needing to have proper light emission from sources accordingly without relying too much on sector lighting, since recently GZDoom got proper shading (i know people talked about this on here but just showing as example): This is the first map i am creating with Attenuated Dynamic Lights in GZDoom to models become properly lit as regular dynamic lights still brightens them as a whole which is what kinda makes them look out of place. Another thing that makes model packs looks bad, all of them just applies the models to the original actors as visual feature, locking them entirely in all that 3 or 4 frames the sprites have, honestly 4 frames for a model to execute an entire animation set is too low and since this is not Quake 1 which managed to show them in a nice way by having no frame interpolation, all source ports with 3D model support just have this enabled by default to NOT help them look any good in all that 4 frames, also the animations by themselves doesn't look all that interesting, i noticed we have many modelling artists here but no animator? That's strange. The last thing i notice from all those model packs is that many of them just tries to make the models looks detailed by using a 1024x1024 texture in a model which have less than 500 verts, what's the point? The texture complements the detailing of the model at a certain point and making it in super definition will not compensate the lack of polygonal detailing the model have, definetely what i see specially in the gore decorations of those model packs is an eye torture when it should be an eye candy. Imo this is why all model packs i have ever seen through Youtube for Risen3D, Doomsday or GZDoom looks weird, the people who works on those actually wants to make them look HD whereas they would look better if they follows the example of Quake 1/Quake 2, low poly model? low res texture as well, this is why Gene-Tech: Before The Storm from Enjay looks a lot more nice than those packs entirely.
  21. Zanieon

    2018 Goals

    Finish everything necessary in the core of Hunter's Moon to start working on its true campaign Finish my 'megawad' campaign in Doom 16' SnapMap Hopefully start pre-producing this as a standalone FPS game rather than just a concept. Release more Industron maps after finishing Main UAC Hangar Probably make one or two musics as usual
  22. Zanieon

    How to make large open spaces work?

    There was a guy in ZDoom Forums called Hellsmith1 which behaved similarly to hardcore_gamer in this term of creating lots of threads for nice debate of certain subject but the real point is just being an attention magnet, guess what? He ended by being banned due to light spamming because in fact the threads made could be nice for to talk about such subject, however the OP always find a way to drag the thing towards itself. I kinda, agree... Though i consider Krause the Wolfenstein 3D of wide-open maps, whereas B.P.R.D would be the Ultimate Doom of it, he added the last thing Krause was missing in the maps that was much, much more verticalization, i mean, whereas Run Buddy, Dark Star or Moon 2000 will just be 512mu tall at max, Equinox and Mucus Flow in CChest 2 made rooms 1024mu or even more tall for the sake of doing it.
  23. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Internal garage corridors done: Now doing the external parking lot/main vehicles entrance of base:
  24. Zanieon

    Doom years resolutions.

    1. Finish Main UAC Hangar 2. Probably start another Industron map after Main UAC Hangar 3. Finish all preparations in Hunter's Moon for it's true campaign and start that god damn thing already