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Everything posted by Zanieon

  1. Zanieon

    Post your wallpaper - 2017 Edition

    Ehh... what is expected from someone which loves futurism? :P
  2. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Started to transform the remaining decorations into 3D models as many are still untouched in Hunter's Moon:
  3. Zanieon

    Which Unreal Tournament has the best bots?

    Well all what i can say is that UT3 with foxMod currently makes the bots already stupidly hard on skill 4.
  4. Zanieon

    EA shuts down Visceral Games - The EA Dilemma

    This is not the first studio they shutdown this year as well, if anyone noticed they merged BioWare Montreal which was the one who made Mass Effect: Andromeda with Motive Studios after the total failiure of this last Mass Effect. In the near future the only studio that will remain active is EA Sports, since what matters for them is just the money and well, 3/4 of their entire budget comes from Fifa games. Damn, not even Activision is so evil to their subsidiaries.
  5. Why a map for that in the first place? All you need is this lil mod:
  6. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    So everyone watched Kill the Moon episode from Doctor Who to say it is an egg?
    Disables status updates to re-enable to disable again to re-enable once more Ç_Ç

    1. Paul977


      Hopefully he disable them again. It was a good step for returning to the good old doomworld format

    2. Marlamir


      i hope  about that too

  8. Zanieon

    [WIP] Hunter's Moon V2.9.3 (Age of Abilities)

    MediaFire fails me again in not enabling download links if i do not allow them TWICE for no reason, fixed.
  9. Zanieon

    Name a character that's like Doomguy

    I think everyone from Quake 3/Quake Champions is eligible for that since eh... the few lore Quake 3 has and the part which Quake Champions still don't explains too much, everyone is fighting in that arenas for a very long time and they will keep doing it for all eternity so.
  10. Zanieon

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    I joined here because this was the only remaining biggest forum that composes the Doom community which i wasn't registered, i could register by 2009 alongside ZDoom but being a total new modder in that year i wouldn't last too long here since in ZDoom and Skulltag themselves i stood in a bit of hostility for the first few years for misunderstanding people because my english was very shitty in that age.
  11. Zanieon

    Favorite "City" Level

    Hellcore MAP02 i think, Fusion and Darkfyre did an amazing job in that map, they tried to keep the scale of furniture and architeture inside the buildings relative to Doomguy's sprite.
  12. Zanieon

    Who would you be in the Doomworld's forum family ?

    The pet which does this:
  13. Zanieon

    Best SnapMaps out there?

    Play anything in the Community Highlight literally, many of them are worth trying.
  14. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just need some final adjustment but that's it:
  15. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I started mapping by editing the original maps of the game so... everyone has to start from some point, editing existing content is a great starting but surely is not good keeping doing that for a long time.
  16. Zanieon

    How would you like your morning Doom, sir ?

    Thanks man, i'm temporarily deaf now, lol.
  17. Zanieon

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    I can i say i'm am with the ones who never met him before because not playing too much competitive, but this guy now will be missed in the future WDL Tourneys sadly.
  18. Zanieon

    How would you like your morning Doom, sir ?

    I like to Quake 3 while Doom 3 plus Doom 4 in GZDoom, sir! Despite the map for the joke, many times i tend to play vanilla or with my mod the megawads with this graphical setting.
  19. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Sorry man, i couldn't hold myself.
  20. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Spacial rock having a killing spree.gif
  21. Zanieon

    Twitch or YouTube Gaming?

    Well it's been a while i don't watch his streams on live now, only some of the recordings. Never heard of that site before, and i thought that every site that uses .io domain is always that browser games like agar.io or slither.io, lol.
  22. Zanieon

    Twitch or YouTube Gaming?

    AFAIK IcarusLives manages to Stream on both at once, though i dunno if he uses OBS Studio or some other software, i dunno if he have an account here but it's worth asking him how to do it if you want stream on both at once. EDIT: I may be wrong because i never tried, but recently Youtube allows you to put the stream key there so if you pick the Twich's stream key and put it on Youtube as well it may work for streaming both.