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  1. Making a "Megawad" in Doom 4 for the luls, the campaign have 9 maps published already.


    1. elsaltaccount#9999


      I really can't tell the difference between this and normal DOOM

    2. elsaltaccount#9999


      Wanted to say that the textures look too similar, but i accidentally pressedd the submit button too soon.

    3. Zanieon


      Hmm i think i get it, you mean this looks like the original campaign maps of the game?

  2. Zanieon


    From Movies this is what got me most: From Games this one is one of my faves after Deus Ex: And for final, there's the map i made for Unreal Tournament 3 that tries to focus a bit more the Cyberpunk setting UT3 have:
  3. Zanieon

    Monster Categorization.

    Hmm, i usually categorize them by their castes with additional info in their mechanics (attack types, health and damage): Zombies: Obviously, Zombieman, Shotgunner and Chaingunner goes here, pretty much any other modded possessed people. Hell Soldiers: The weakest among the Hell army, Imps, Pinkies and Lost Souls. Hell Gladiators: Those who can withstand considerable damage and also have potential damage with few mechanics in their attacks, Cacodemons, Mancubi, Revenants and Arachnotrons in case. Hell Nobles: Basically a meat shield mostly but great melee and great proj. damage, Baron of Hell and Hellknights. Arcanists: The ones which really seems to cast heavy spells or lives with magic in their bodies, Archviles and Pain Elementals. Majors: Oppresive damage, fuckton of health and at least 2 times taller than the player, Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind. General: Any modded bitch which have a Health Bar shown in HUD with autistic health and damage, JRPG mechanics also included if they have it.
  4. Zanieon

    Thoughts on HDOOM?

    Never played it but...
  5. Zanieon

    Naming the new enhanced port standard

    D++ It's Doom, and not exactly just a new Boom map format but a whole feature set as Graf said, then Doom++ would be good.
  6. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This thing is just being slow AF because i'm divided in mapping between this, Hunter's Moon, SnapMap and Distance.
  7. Zanieon

    What are you listening to?

    Here comes the best electronic music i ever heard and i totally doesn't fucking know the name:
  8. Zanieon

    What are you listening to?

    The bass in the beat of this song is another level:
  9. Zanieon

    Using blender to create sprites, some questions

    It will all depend in the way you want to render such thing for real, the attempts i made at making Hellknight and Baron of Hell sprites from Doom '16 made them looks like a Doom 64 sprite, DrPyspy managed to use other methods and rendered Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, Imp and Cacodemon exactly as a legit 93 Doom sprite. So afterall, this will depends in your patience to get the thing done properly and your experience with the program.
  10. If you are thinking on this one then yes, many players tends to use this thing because it's small and simple as a launcher for a old game should be, then there's QZDL which enhances this one but... it starts to look like a MMO Launcher, beyond that people often ignores because the purpose starts to get covered in too many other features nobody wants. As second option there's the people who uses command line and the third option is the batch file and right in the last picture of the expanding brain, there's the people who drag and drop everything in the executable. EDIT: For me the "ZDL" term means ZDoom Launcher as well, but who knows what Biohazard was thinking when he made it, it can be some obscure thing like the "G" in front of GZDoom that Graf said it is not the G of Open'G'L or neither the G of 'G'raf.
  11. Zanieon

    What defines "Megamap"?

    The entirety of Knee Deep of ZDoom is a pack of megamaps and usually consider a megamap maps that is very extensive in gameplay which can hold the player on it for at least 30 mins, ZDCMP2, KDiZD, Foursite, UACVPRB, any map that Mechadon does when he is really inspired, CChest 3 MAP12, Alien Vendetta Map20, Enjay's Waterlab GZD and Gene-Tech, Deus Vult Map05 and the list goes on. For me i consider a megamap any map that crosses the 16384x16384 bounds and doesn't have ultrawide rooms or fields all the time, like the maps in Hellbound.
  12. Zanieon


    Tá, eu buguei legal agora tentando ler isso. Well seems to be a spam for the forums anyway so...
  13. Zanieon

    What is your stance on cheese-proofing maps?

    As a certified map breaker in the past and given my modder/mapper experiences, personally i take extra care in my vanilla-gameplay maps to avoid only what would break with GZDoom basic features, well when you are targeting for like PrBoom+ for example you don't have to care about jumping or crouching then in that part you know the player will not use these things to entirely avoid a section in the map or even an encounter, besides that i tend to leave to the player in spam infight to save ammo or any other common trick Doom always had, those are things that has always been in Doom and it is always good you don't touch what people is used to do as gameplay mechanics in Doom unless a gameplay mod is involved.
  14. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Thanks and not really, this is more related to what i have as explanation for the Tamers Of The Dark in the mod's story, also to break a bit from the overused gorilla proportions (short legs, long arms).
  15. Zanieon

    Huge epic maps

    UAC Vinur Prime Research Base because seems that when i posted this here, it was ignored hard for some reason i don't know.
  16. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Been reworking the Tamers in my mod, redesign and animations are done, for ingame the thing is almost finished as well, just need to use the last animation set for an additional attack:
  17. Zanieon

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    Sounds like me as well, from 2009 to 2015 i used "Revilution" as nickname, but then i noticed that name was becoming generic at a point that there was like 5 youtube channels, 3 guys in other gaming forums as well the megawad. Around 2009 i made a draw of a character which had psychic powers like Jean Grey but his personality was something like Brainiac, later in 2015 when i revamped my mod and managed to add more monsters, i decided to pick this name to use in one of them and also changed my nickname in pretty much everywere to this same name while sometimes making jokes roleplaying as him for the lulz, avatar also related.
  18. Zanieon

    What are you listening to?

    Not enough Juno Reactor around here...
  19. Zanieon

    Things you love and hate at the same time

    Hideous Destructor, Zandronum, that Cooperative mate that passes in your front when you are using Rocket Launcher, Barrels, Trees, Chaingunners, Revenants and my avatar.
  20. Zanieon

    A question about the Legacy of Suffering textures

    AFAIK LoganMTM made LoS resource-free after the Cacoward it got in 2009 in case anyone is still in doubt, he is not all that active even in the brazilian doom community (or what remained of BRDoom forums in Facebook) but in the few posts he does he answered a guy about the same question and he said it is resource free.
  21. Well, this is a split of the best maps i made in my very first project back in 2006, Doom Reinforced, due to alot of newbie modding choices in that age, the mod sunk into a mess of ideas and styles, the only things that was actually nice from it was the maps, so here they are: Some details about the Map Pack: 10 maps varying from the development time of the mod between 2008~2010. The maps may look strange on detailing because i originally used models to details certain parts and due the fact of vanilla compatibility, i removed them all The first and last maps are intended for OpenGL, but are still software compatible They are compatible with any gameplay mod They was supposed to have music as in 9.8 but i removed them They are designed for Cooperative, which means that even Single-Player will allow respawning Jumping and Crouch is allowed to play them correctly They are intended to play with sv_aircontrol on 0.25 TNT Evilution required as IWAD Works in ZDoom or GZDoom MediaFire Download TSPG Download (direct link) Footnotes: Currently i'm not going to review or change anything in this wad anymore though i'm still open to feedback and specially ideas for alternative executions of what i made here, so future maps will not suffer the issues those have. The first map seen in this map pack (the one in the first 2 screenshots) is actually being remade as a standalone map called Main UAC Hangar which i will make a topic about it here when it is near completion.
  22. Zanieon

    Do you miss the reputation indicator?

    I noticed this was gone for quite a while and nah, it doesn't make all that much difference, "reputation" certainly is not the word to describe that thing, rather it was more of a "agreement" with other members of the forum nothing more so whatever...
  23. Zanieon

    [Release] Doom Reinforced Mapset

    @Tango, @grouchbag, @MFG38 Many Thankies! @MysteriousHaruko i didn't include the musics in these because most maps used ACS to play them in certain moments and then return to the pure ambient sounds the maps have since some of them are creepy in certain rooms and corridors. @Walter confetti Because back in 2006, TNT Evilution was my fave iwad due to the techbases having nice visuals for me, certain MIDIs which i loved as well using Supernova 1987a as sky.
  24. Zanieon

    Wish to create a custom attack

    With no side effects, A_RailAttack is the only thing the engine have to produce an instant hit beam. Your best solution then, is some FastProjectile but the beam will have some delay to travel long distances.