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  1. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Dragonfly posted NIce pictures, so i'm gonna post hot pictures :V
  2. Here i come again with some more music, this time the 2015 releases of the Descent songs i have made with fixed volume in the instruments and some changes on them as well to sound more harmonic, plus a new track from Descent 2, the first level's music: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/67gx27ieso4p5gl/Descent_Deep_Space_Resampled_EP.zip
  3. Zanieon

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    new stuff i'm cooking for Hunter's Moon
  4. Zanieon

    let's stop calling them "things"

    Sure let's wipe half of the source code :V
  5. Thanks @Terminus, during this week i gathered few ideas and even tried to make a song for this map pack, probably already start improving the experience by adding some more minor features that will improve immersion.
  6. Welcome to 2614 where technology has reached an extreme high tier of science! This map pack will feature several maps set on a completely terraformed Mars where the player needs to discover the source of a hostile invasion that led the planet to be evacuated. The initial purpose of this map pack is reimagine the very first maps i have ever done for Doom with the skills i have nowdays. So if you are curious enough to know about those, you can check the Doom Reinforced Mapset to know the origin of the principal upcoming maps. The very first map, UAC Colonization Cluster (previously called Main UAC Hangar) is now avaliable for download already as a debut release for this map pack, another release will be made when at least 3 more maps will be made, unfortunately, i cannot say when i will start working on these maps and neither when the next release will be made. Specifications: Source Port: GZDoom 3.2+ IWAD: Doom 2 Jumping: Allowed Crouching: Allowed Freelook: Allowed Mod Compatible: Any that spawn monsters correctly if they randomizes some and any that doesn't break key pickups by unabling them to trigger scripts. Screenshots: Titlemap showcase for the curious: Warnings: This map features a lot of ambient sounds throught its entire decorations to give a more depth in immersion, GZDoom by default has only 256 sound channels avaliable to play sounds in the game, but the number of ambient sounds featured in the map surpass this value (the map has around 850 sound emmiters), it is recommended to set up the sound channel limit to 1024 at least for better experience, you can do that by typing snd_channels 1024 and then snd_reset in the console before playing the map.
  7. Oh yeah, thanks alot for the testing and feedback @Suitepee, definetly i'm going to do some more work on this wad during this year to improve experience on the next update.
  8. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Thanks, i ironically helped myself on that with the code implementation i had for the player characters, so i had more of a job about how to fairly replicate the momemtum accumulation Quake 3 have when bunny hopping than truly implementing the thing. I just hope it works okay as well with Zandro's netcode in MP matches.
  9. Zanieon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Got bunny hopping working in my mod in a way that it is compatible with Zandronum because the lack of ZScript support yet D:
  10. probably SlimDX is missing from your computer, GZDoom Builder doesn't provide it because it comes in zip files, AFAIK only Doom Builder 2 installer came with it. Anyways try to get it from here and see what happens: https://slimdx.org/download.php
  11. Probably gonna stream the full map by this weekend if i finish the last part:



  12. Zanieon

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    ZeniMax have been distributing strikes for every project that contains "Remake" in their names since 2014, mostly because after Unreal Engine 4 went public that year, since then there was some attempts at doing Doom Remakes, which probably ZeniMax is also thinking about this one, since Vasyan layered the mod in all of the recent features GZDoom have, they probably think this is another one of those "Remakes".