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Status Updates posted by Zanieon

  1. Probably gonna stream the full map by this weekend if i finish the last part:



  2. Fack, where do i buy sleep? I spent an entire night coding and stuff for Hunter's Moon.

  3. here's your glowy future maps



    Disables status updates to re-enable to disable again to re-enable once more Ç_Ç

    1. Paul977


      Hopefully he disable them again. It was a good step for returning to the good old doomworld format

    2. Marlamir


      i hope  about that too

  5. I was titled as "Nice member" for a short time REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    1. Albertoni


      I'm saving posts so the 666 posts "evil member" title coincides with something evil I'm planning, heh.

  6. Keeping old projects is good just because you can remember how you evolved in mapping/modding:

    Damn son... i was pretty bad before 2012 when i started to map for Hunter's Moon and decided to drop Doom Reinforced.

    1. NaZa


      To be honest, I like the 2011 screenshots the most just because they don't have special effects overuse and they just feel like a legit Doom UAC base. The newest screenshots aren't bad at all and I really dig those digital lines and the black-white contrast, but I still prefer 2011 due to its simplicity, yet amazing feel.

    2. Zanieon


      Yeah i also agree that 2011 is not all that bad but in terms of being a mapper with own style of mapping i can say that pretty much any skilled mapper can do that since i was using KDiZD as reference for detailing and for me in the age, the 3D models there helped in decorating even more the environment but today i look at it and i see gameplay clutter instead, Industron today is what make me being myself as mapper.

  7. Making a "Megawad" in Doom 4 for the luls, the campaign have 9 maps published already.


    1. elsaltaccount#9999


      I really can't tell the difference between this and normal DOOM

    2. elsaltaccount#9999


      Wanted to say that the textures look too similar, but i accidentally pressedd the submit button too soon.

    3. Zanieon


      Hmm i think i get it, you mean this looks like the original campaign maps of the game?

  8. Registered few hours ago because i decided to stop lurking here, since i did not found a proper topic for new members introduction, so i guess i'll say Hello from here.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. esselfortium



      the Doom?

      in a more just world, we would all be most interested in The Doom

    3. Dragonfly


      LOL I intended to type "the new doom". Entertaining video btw :P

    4. Zanieon


      Thanks all.


      I've played all of "the Dooms" but i stick to Classic, i joined here because it is like the remaining international forum of Doom that i didn't register and since i make both maps and gameplay mods (well more of a TC tbh) i think here is perfectly fine for that too.