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Posts posted by Zanieon

  1. 5 hours ago, Not Jabba said:

    Alternative terms:




    -"The artists formerly known as things"

    -"Rare candies"


    -"Most favored children"


    -"Fruits of one's labour"

    -"The inevitable"


    5 hours ago, Not Jabba said:

    -"The inevitable"


    Sure let's wipe half of the source code :V

  2. Thanks, i ironically helped myself on that with the code implementation i had for the player characters, so i had more of a job about how to fairly replicate the momemtum accumulation Quake 3 have when bunny hopping than truly implementing the thing.

    I just hope it works okay as well with Zandro's netcode in MP matches.

  3. ZeniMax have been distributing strikes for every project that contains "Remake" in their names since 2014, mostly because after Unreal Engine 4 went public that year, since then there was some attempts at doing Doom Remakes, which probably ZeniMax is also thinking about this one, since Vasyan layered the mod in all of the recent features GZDoom have, they probably think this is another one of those "Remakes".