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  1. Keeping old projects is good just because you can remember how you evolved in mapping/modding:

    Damn son... i was pretty bad before 2012 when i started to map for Hunter's Moon and decided to drop Doom Reinforced.

    1. NaZa


      To be honest, I like the 2011 screenshots the most just because they don't have special effects overuse and they just feel like a legit Doom UAC base. The newest screenshots aren't bad at all and I really dig those digital lines and the black-white contrast, but I still prefer 2011 due to its simplicity, yet amazing feel.

    2. Zanieon


      Yeah i also agree that 2011 is not all that bad but in terms of being a mapper with own style of mapping i can say that pretty much any skilled mapper can do that since i was using KDiZD as reference for detailing and for me in the age, the 3D models there helped in decorating even more the environment but today i look at it and i see gameplay clutter instead, Industron today is what make me being myself as mapper.