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About Me

I am a guy who have been mapping and modding for Doom since 2006 but i also do few mods/maps for other games as well, my extreme passion for futurism many times keeps me making maps or mods more towards that:

Okay despite all these things here's some of the shit i have made so far:
[2006~2010] Doom Reinforced
[2010] Doom Reinforced CTF
[2012] Doom Reinforced Core (trust me all those 3 are different in so many wrong ways)
[2012] Industron CTF (unfinished, Zandronum compatible only)

[2013] Doom Reinforced Original Mapset (all maps that was worth splitting from the shit that was the original wad)

[2017] Akzos City (originally made in 2011~2012, only released in 2017)

[2017] UAC Vinur Prime Research Base (very extensive GZDoom map inspired by the techbase theme of Episode 2 from Ultimate Doom)
[2011~nowdays] Hunter's Moon (my longest active project, it is basically Quake 3 on Doom)

[2016~nowdays] MMDCXIV - Journey into 27 Century (Industron/Cyberpunk themed map pack with the debut map released, and more to come in future)