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  1. The Geeky Guitarist

    At Doom's Gate (Jazz Fusion Version)

    Glad to be here! And im glad you guys enjoyed the cover :) jazz fusion is a very special genre for me, as it is basically fusing things i love very much and making it even more cool. ShutgonDemolition i highly recommend if you like the metal side of things i think you will like these bands: Animals as Leaders Exuviu The Aristrocrats Blotted Science Tigran Hamasyan Hiromi Uehara Tribal Tech ... that should give you a few good hours of enjoyment! All these bands can be considered jazz fusion in one way or another, so this should give you a good idea of what the idea is :)
  2. The Geeky Guitarist

    At Doom's Gate (Jazz Fusion Version)

    Hey all! Hope you're doing well. I, like many of you have been a fan of doom for a while now and grew up with it, so I decided to make my own jazz fusion arrangement of "At Doom's Gate" from the first Doom. This song will be part of an album i'll be releasing later of jazz fusion arrangements of some of my favorite games, under the name "The Geeky Guitarist". Hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think :)